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'Sup Ladies

Everyone should say thanks to the Admins for accepting my whitelist application ( again ).

Here's just a quick hello again from my side and I guess a few of you guys will still remember me, or even have already played and or had a firefight with me or my former Sons members, before I / We stopped playing on DayZRP.

I've already talked to most of the People I still remember from my old DayZRP days in the new #DayZRP IRC Channel, but for everyone:

I'm glad to say, that a few of my former Sons members have also returned to this Server, and the famous S-GRU with us.

We've joined their Ranks and our loyalty belongs to them now.

My IGN will be Stanislav Zhukov from now on and I'm looking forward to meet you guys in Chernarus.

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Dayum, long time Sons.

Best of luck out there, even if we are supposed to meet on opposite sides of rifle barrel.

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Russian scum.. I had hoped for the bikers. I'll be looking forward to slaying you on the battlefield.

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