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Guest Disco

Hello from Australia :)

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Guest Disco


The one thing I've always wanted in DayZ was the chance to roleplay. This server might be my new home. :)

My preferred playing style is a hero, and I love helping whoever I may come across in my journeys.

My characters background story:

My name is Michael Ross, I'm a 16 year old boy from Australia. My father died only 3 months ago from leukemia, my mother took me on a holiday to Russia to try and cheer me up. We wen't through Moscow, down to St Petersburg, my mother had booked us a place for the week at the International Hotel in Chernogorsk.

That's when it happened. We were about to go for a walk towards the supermarket, when we noticed what appeared to be rioting in the street. We saw people, or what we thought were people fighting in the street. My mother took me to the car, deciding we weren't safe in the city. My mother had heard on the radio about evacuations occurring at the Balota airstrip, my mother deciding that was our safest option. Of course, if such a thing was broadcast, there would be thousands of cars heading for such a small airfield. We were stuck in a traffic jam, when a man, with blood all over his face, broke through my mothers car door, and pulled her out. He started.. eating the flesh off her face. It was one of the most horrific moments of my life. I tried to get him off of her, in the faint of all this, I heard my mother screaming out for me to run, to get away from the streets. I ran for the Forest, while I was chased by two of these 'things'. I sprinted through the Forest, unable to lose them, when I came upon an old cabin. It was abandoned, and had looked like it had been for quite a while. I saw an old rusty axe placed in a stump, and I knew I had to save myself. I managed to pull the axe out, I swung it at the first man, hitting him in the head. It became lodged in his head, and as I tried to pull it out, the other man grabbed hold of me. At the last minute, I managed to pull it out of the other mans head, and strike this man holding me in the back of the head.

This was about 2 months ago, I've been surviving on what little water I could find, and have been sticking to the Forest. I would occasionally head down to the streets to scavenge what little food I could, keeping myself 110% cautious at all times. I was all by myself now.

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Welcome Disco, hope you will like playing here :-)

Nice background story btw ;)

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Guest azza

Hey whats up, Im from Australia too, are there many of us on this server? My whitelist application is pending but hopefully all goes well.

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