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My name is MacMerritt, and I am a former US Marine Rifleman. I worked for a PMC outfit here in Chernarus providing security for high value citizens and thier property. Sadly the disturbance we were hired to protect these VIPs from was infact the infection that has ravaged this once beautiful nation.

I now move around the countryside scrouging supplies and trying to avoid the hordes of zombies choking the cities of Chernarus. I help the few trustworthy groups I have come across in my travels one of which is the 24th MEU. My relationship with the remanants of the US military is a work in progress but I am willing to help any all so long as we are killing Zeds and not the few living humans left in the world.

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Appreciate the welcome and hope to link up with the 24th as a whole. Would also fancy a meeting with your allies in Delta just so I can make myself known to all US military personel incountry.

Thanks for the welcome Dr. Riggs. I will look for you at the Trading Post in the future to discuss a possible retainer agreement to assist in any of your operations. I prefer not to hunt the living but will protect the innocent from the predators of this world.

Carry on.

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