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Bright Stars

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Hotwire was lying on his back and just looking at the beautiful stars on the dark sky. This was the only time he could relax from the days of scavenging the zombie infested cities for medical supplies.

He had come to this country as a way to pay for his sins, to use his medical skills for good instead of using them to give girls bigger boobs. But the medicalteam he had joined were all dead now. The first day had one of their patients turned into a zombie and managed to kill the whole team before the security managed to kill him. But soon did the killed ones come back as zombies and eradicated the whole camp.

Only Hotwire managed to escape as he was in the garage, remembering his youth when he was a carthief that could hotwire all cars. Thats also where he got his nickname. He drove away from the camp, but soon had to abandon the car as it went out of gas. For a week did he wander the wild, and when he was about to die from exhaustion, a medic appeared and nursed him back to life. Hotwire never got to know who he was, but when he heard about a medicgroup called Free Medics, he never hesitated to join them.

As he was lying on the dry grass, his radio started to spark, sending a message about a lone survivor in need of medical care. With a low sight did Hotwire get on his feet, grabbed his rifle and started heading in the direction of the call.

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