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Raun Paru

Joining in the Programming

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Alright, Raun here.

I'm done College in about 3 days.

Can anyone recommend resources for learning the Arma Language?

So far a search brings up all kinds of texture editing crap.

I'm an okay artist, point is, I'm finishing college for programming

I'd like to figure out what language Arma2 uses, or if it's

proprietary, where I can learn it.

I'd like to join the team as one of the couple programmers because

A) I love DayZRP.

B) I love Programming

C) I want a fancy resume/portfolio

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I could help tech you the basic's. the rest im sure you will figure out yourself pretty quickly. Start with the mission editor and mess with that first. that way you learn the basic feel of arma 2 language.


the editor modules can be used to edit and change just about anything, Theres also a modules addon for arma 2 on armaholic. plus its really easy to make up you own, i could show you a few I made back in the day, there still kinda unfinished tho

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The mod itself uses a mixture of Perl with a C-ish type syntax. It is a higher level than C itself, so it isn't really that bad. AFAIK, there exists no IDE and you pretty much just have to use a basic text editor to modify the code. I also haven't found a external compiler for mods as well (we have to essentially use the game to see if anything is wrong). There is also little to poor references and commenting to what most of the code actually is or does. The bistudio wiki is the only place where you can essentially look up type references to understand what they actually do.

Honestly, you don't need that much programming experience to do what we are doing. Jukki and Jamie don't even know how to program themselves. I'm the only one with real programming experience. You just have to be good at reading and understanding code, knowing where to find things, and how to edit and modify the code to what we need it for (This may sound easy, but it still much harder than it sounds).

I wouldn't use this as an example as a portfolio. Only use programs that you have made for portfolios.

There is the wiki resource on syntax: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Syntax

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I also have a vast amount of links on how most bis functions work but they are on non bis sites. as rel said bis didn't really do a good job at explaining how to do things, I personally learned by trial and error. I made stuff in the editor then went into the SQM files out of game and read what the script was outside the game. then from there pieced together stuff.

your only limited by your imagination and the arma 2 engine lol.

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I could still put this as experience on my Resume. It's a project, lol, and once I get

this stuff down I could help around. my girlfriend's determined that I must have a full

time job for the summer, so yeah, but I'll still be around.

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Maybe I'm stealing your thread here a little bit, but I am also interested in helping out.

I am working as a front-end web developer right now. Mostly HTML/5, CSS/3 and js.

I have been working as a back-end developer as well and I am familiar with C#, VB.NET, well mostly I have been working in the .NET framework.

I have never done any programming with the Arma language, though it would be fun to learn.

Good thread!

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