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Trolling the server

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I love to see the penalty for false KOS reports going up...significantly

The report section seems to be the one place to go to to troll the entire server.

I see a lot of false reports, who are not just false because of a misunderstanding or a grey area, but downright trolling vengeance.

Just people who know damn well why they were shot, but still want to try and get people banned.

fine recent example here;


In the end the verdict was obvious. The reporter was trolling and trying to steal in TP, got shot after several warnings and made a cry report about it.

No punishment given, not even a warning?

It seems that the ones shooting have to defend themselves constantly when someone is being shot and being an idiot about it.

Sure when there's a communication error, out of range comm, etc. people tend to report because they don't knwo why they were killed.

I don't think that needs a punishment or weh it's word against word.

but in the example report I gave, which happens quite often, the reporter should have gotten a punishment as there is enough evidence that shows the reporter made the report just to troll and get innocent players banned?

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People need to calm down and think before making a report. Stand in the shoes of the one who killed you for a second. Why did he do it? If you can't figure it out, you can send a PM. If you don't know who it was, you can ask it in IRC, see if anyone responds. If you still don't get an answer, you can make a report discussion.

Unless it was a really obvious random KoS, of course. But there are times it is way less obvious. Not only when you deserve to get killed, but also when you get killed by execution. Executions ARE allowed, and that's something people seem to forget.

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Obvious abuses of the reports section do get punished. We can evaluate and establish when we think it is worth punishing for a false report.

Please remember that it is one thing to get the reporter to empathize and review the situation, but frankly everyone should.

Simplest answer: We do.

If in doubt and you are not sure what happened then use a report discussion.

We have also taken note of people that put in reports merely to see the logs. We will be actively cutting down on these too.

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More people should use the report discussion forum Before taking it to an actual report imo. In fact everyone should. People in general are way too impulsive when it comes to reports.

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I fully agree that reports such as these should be punished. now the fact that i was involved in this report has nothing to do with it.

It is as Tomeran says, people need to use the report discussion more often because now all they do is waste the time of the admins

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Can someone make the Report Discussion forum in big red letters?

It seems people completely bypass it and rush straight into a report, causing drama and wasting GM's time.

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Also, another thing that annoys me is the fact that during almost EVERY conflict, people start typing out of character to others. As soon as there is some sort of dispute, people start with the "//OOC: I'm Frapsing this.", "//This is evidence btw" and then they start up an entire, out of character, discussion during an RP event.

It all comes down to the RP of the person doing that, as I believe that you are free to fraps everything and I suggest you do it, but there's no need to 'threaten' or explain to the other party that you are doing so. NEARLY every conflict can be solved in character and this was more proof to it. You can exclaim in character that you will shoot the next person entering your 'slot' in the trade post and do so accordingly. If people want to fight about the rules, do so on the forums. I've seen it a lot and it's a thing that personally gets on my nerves a bit.

It's gotten to the point where as soon as an argument starts in character, it develops on two levels. In character and OOC. People will be fighting about the event that started it, in character, and about what rules they feel apply, out of character. I believe this is a roleplay server with several options to discuss and be out of character on the forums or IRQ, but it ruins the experience for other players if you do it in the game.

That being said, people should still be able to explain things out of character. If someone has a bug and doesn't know how to fix it, it is impossible to be in character about it. It might be a pet peeve for me, but I just wanted to get this off my chest.

tl;dr: Stay in character during arguments.

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The big problem is that in situations like the Fireguy100 situation, he was acting completely out of character just to troll people and provoke a response. His whole "I can have my flashlight in your face because it's not a hostile act" bullshit was basically akin to holding your fingers an inch from your little sister and saying "I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!"

He was clearly trolling. It's painfully obvious. I think he should receive an OOC/Trolling ban from the logs alone. Those are evidence enough even without an official report being filed against him.

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All good, the problem I have with these people is that they deliberately try to kill the fun. People are in TP and for example shine a flashlight in your face constantly.

I can do this because it's not a hostile act?

Trolls tend to find grey areas to annoy you and make you break the rules.

Since they are purely trying to harm the people of the server and thus the server it is at least a week ban.

You will need proof, and stay in character.

I just hope the amount of bullshit reports can be lowered as it takes time off the GM's hands while they could have used it elsewhere.

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