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Collateral Damage

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I've been reading up on the threads which help clarify the server rules since I joined. My initial experience with DayZRP 1 was one of great luck. I didn't run into any un-friendlies until my character got to the Trade Post and began hearing stories from others about bandits and highwaymen and terrorists.

Well, all that changed after my character was attacked by highwaymen. Everything about that incident seemed perfectly legitimate to me, so that isn't what this is about.

It is about what happened after. I decided not to RP the very bad ending with the highwaymen as perma death. Instead my char was taken, either by the highwaymen or some unknown others while he was unconscious, and left for dead between Cherno and Elektro.

While in Elektro, though, he and another survivor he met there were assailed by a large group of zombies. It seems two other survivors came into the same building during the fight against the Zeds. My partner mistook one of them for a Zed in the dark and the panic of the moment. He did not mean to KOS, but it did happen.

For my part, I'm sorry. It wasn't an intentional PK.

Anyway, it seems to me that is a difficult situation to call. I probably would have done the same, but I stopped firing for a bit to let my partner with the crossbow deal with the Zeds, because the firearm was just bringing more and more. But if I had been firing, I might have shot the guy by accident as well.

He was unarmed and dressed in clothing very similar to the "peasant" clothing I see some Zeds in. The only way I knew (after a few seconds) that he was alive vs Zed, was when he stood still, he wasn't stooped and weird looking. The only movement I saw from him was running, so it isn't like I could tell he wasn't shambling. And when he crouched, that confirmed it for me that he was a person, not a flesh eating ghoul. :D

Honest but horrible mistake IC, or bad call OOC?

I want the server admin and player take on this, since my gut reaction is honest mistake. But my opinion could be biased due to circumstances. :P

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In my opinion, this sort of thing is just a harmless mistake and shouldn't result in any form of punishment. If someone wearing a civilian skin decides to approach a building with players shooting zombies inside and enter the same way the zombies did, then its their own fault.

You have to look at it from a realistic perspective. Ideally, the guy would have announced his presence over voice/text chat and confirmed with the players inside the building that he was going to come in and when, rather than blindly running into crossfire.

Honest mistake. And if it went to a report, I wouldn't expect to see any punishment given. That sort of thing is covered by the common sense rule.

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Well, I believe the fellow did announce he was coming in, but I am not absolutely certain of that. But there were Zeds constantly streaming in, so it wasn't easy to recognize living from "walkers" in the dark.

I learn something new about this game, its mechanics and my own self every time I play it. Undoubtedly some of the reasons I love Day Z.

In hind sight, what we SHOULD have done was get every living person out of there. Dealing with the infected as a group of people well armed, trained and coordinated is difficult enough, since the bloody Zeds keep coming in droves as shots are fired.

Doing it with two lightly armed people and two unarmed people, all of whom are not well acquainted with one another, is a disaster. And that is pretty much what happened. A disaster.

At least one person managed to survive (my partner was killed by Zeds falling off a roof into a horde of them). But it took the efforts of other, brave unknowns to draw enough zombies away for my character to make a get away.

I don't mean to give away in game info OOCly here, but damn. In spite of the deaths, that was one awesome survival situation, and I hope it isn't a problem if I discuss it without details which might be used for nefarious purposes (metagaming intel).

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