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Guest Shinjutsu

Steve Peterson

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Guest Shinjutsu

I'm here, whereever this is... behind me the ocean where our helicopter crashed. I.. i dont really know what happened but i try to remember.

My name is Steve Peterson. I'm 18 years old and i'm from Germany. I was grown and trained at a military outpost near Muenich. But what brought me here? Where are my comrades? What do i do and where in hells name is "here"?

OK..calm down for now...keep on writing.

We started the Helicopter to train meet up with some russion forces to do some survival training in the russian envirement. Is it that where i am? Russia?

On our way here our helicopter experienced heavy turbulences over the ocean and the pilot (Frank Schlosser) sayed we need to jump out. I made it first cause i was pushed outside from the sergeant (Winzend Karmesin) and after that i woke up here. Well... now i'm here.

No gear, no idea where i am and no idea where to dry my clothes. And damn... i start to get really hungry. I write this down so someone can find it to hopefully find me....

Ok. I need to find shelter cause its getting darker and darker and my body hurts all over the place.

Steve P. over and out

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