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Guest Shinjutsu

Hello Ladys and Gentlemen:)

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Guest Shinjutsu

Hey people:) How should i start cause i dont really do that very often in english so i just write down something.

My ingame name is mainly Shinjutsu but i changed it for this server to Steve P. (Peterson)

I'm from germany and i found this homepage due to a german Let's player which is called mr. failcraft (or something in that manner^^)

I'm 22 years old and play DayZ for a long time now but was pretty much giving up on the normal dayz community cause bugs, hackers or people who just wonna raise theyre killcount liked to somekind destroy the ingame eyperience.

Found it always hard to believe that real RP player are so rare cause the RP potential of DayZ and this whole genre is just huge.

My english might or might not be good all the time and if you find any mistakes in my grammar or spelling feel free to correct me so i can improve from my mistakes:)

I generally play the peacefull way and try to help people and avoid conflicts so lets see what happenes:)

If i get whitelisted on this server i planb to write somekid of a diary on the forums to makes this somekind of more interesting for me and maybe for others too.

Ok, enough for now and if you have any questions just ask me. Dont care if it is written in german or english^^

See ya and happy surviving

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Hi Shinjutsu, welcome to the community!

Like you, I also joined Dayzrp because I felt the game got much more to offer then the current play style. I totaly agree with you about the huge RP potential Dayz has (That's what we're here for).

Dont forget to read the rules.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask, see you in game :)

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