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I've been such a Goober. I've been meaning to run a void search on dayz and roleplay ever since I started playing this game. I just never have.

So, my buddy contacts me tonight and says he found a DayZ roleplay community and server. And here I am!

I'm very stoked about getting in and playing, but I'm going to take my time, go through the DayZRP rules and understand all I can about this community's genre for the Day Z Zombie Apocalypse.

Look forward to meeting you all in Chernorus (Black Russia). Yeah, I speak Russian (tut-tut) as well as English.


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Welcome to DayZRP !

Glad to see that you are going to read the rules ahahah.

If you want to learn more about the community, I suggest you read some RP story here.

There are also some interesting guides on the forum, it can help before playing on the server.

To learn more about the clans/groups on the server, have a look in the clan section of the forum.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Good luck out there !

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Hey! Welcome to the server!

Glad to see another motivated player joining us!

If you're looking forward to RP a lot, you're at the right place! There are a fair few clans out there and I'm pretty sure one of those will be able to fit your needs! Follow the link Leon made!

Although, if you can't find anything interesting for you, or you have a new idea to bring up, feel free to create your own clan!

If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask anyone active on the forums or go poke us on the IRC chat! Also, the General Discussion section is good for common questions!

Again, if you need anything, feel free to ask!

Good luck out there!

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Guest Cladicus

Hope to play with you soon, stay safe and watch out for ambushes :)

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Guest Friez

Another new guy, just got whitelisted yesterday...have fun!

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Great to see more of our people coming out of their shelters. Be careful with foreigners, they take everything from us! OOC: Enjoy your stay!

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