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108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

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*Axel would sit outside the house as he tunes his radio to the old frequency, then presses the PTT*

"Yes, I know john. Is there anyone out there that still uses this frequency? I am here with john and we are taking care of some people here. Simon wh-

*The static would break up the rest of the transmission*

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Ender's voice comes through the radio he seems angry

Oh for FUCKS SAKE. . . Chief is that you?

I really fucking wish people would stop telling me the people i care about are dead when THEY'RE FUCKING NOT!

he lets go of the button waiting for a response

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*The radio frequency receives a very bad signal from some new chatter.*

"Chzzz-- Stevie. Chzzz."

*For a brief moment, the distant sounds of groaning and hissing can be heard.*

"Chzz-- make it out of here. Chzz."

*The signal starts to clear it up.*

"I won't be looking for you anymore. It's been... I don't know. But it's over, you are dead... as for me?"

*With the radio still on and the signal clear, it's easier to hear more of that groaning and hissing, joined with numerous slow foot steps on a wooden floor.*

"I might see you sooner than I had hoped."

*The radio sends out the sound of a thud. A man, probably the one who was speaking earlier, pants heavily. CHRICK-KICK! That familiar sound of a gun being loaded. The groaning gets closer, the hissing becomes more aggressive, more like a growl. The footsteps come to a stop, the man's panting finally ceases.*




*The sounds of stomping, thrashing and more beastial shrieks echo from the radio.*


*The radio sounds like it is being grinded against the floor until it sharply brings the sound of that aggressive roaring closer to the ear and with the sudden sharp sound of a crack, the radio chatter stops once and for all.*

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*Lucky hears chief voice over the radio*

'Good to know your still kicking chief, i knew there was no fucking way you kicked the bucket like that '

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*Eliane would listen and just break down in tears, she responds abit later, her voice very croaky*

H-Hey Axel...glad to hear you aren't dead... 

*She sniffles and wipes her eyes* 

I missed you...

*Eliane stops the transmission and goes to find Billion*

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*the radio comes alive with the sound of someone clearing their throat then a soft, emotionless but familiar voice begins to speak*

"I couldn't do it......................you live because I couldn't punish those he cared for.................................I am no longer..................there is nothing but coldness here now....."

*the voice trails off and the radio goes silent as she ends the transmission*

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*rogue snatches the radio up as she hears the voice*

"Nyleea! We've been wondering where you went! .... Well, unfortunately I'm going to have to reject your nothing but coldness statement... listen here... "

*she gets up and quickly runs over to Chief and Logan having a conversation about fires. Moving a bit slowly to not startle him, she holds down the ptt and puts it right by Chief in an attempt to capture his voice for Nyleea*

"Chief! Nyleea is not sounding good. I'm rejecting her nothing left statement and inserting you. May want to say something."

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*Jason fumbles with the walkie abit looking for the transmit button*

*he finds it and speaks softly and with great weight on his chest*

"Hello?, is this thing working?"
*he fumbles a bit more still transmitting*

"Taz, i'm sorry, i lost the old radio...some bad men took it from me. They were asking me so many questions *lets out a grumble of sobs* they wanted to hurt me and called me names...like the others used too...i wanted to hurt them Taz, i wanted to hurt them like i did the others but i couldn't i was soo scared...i need someone to be with...please...im scared out here alone...i want my Momma back... *lets out more mono toned sobs*

*releases the transmit button and in a fit of rage throws the radio to the ground near the fire*

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*Lyaria sets her pen down and closes the books as she leans back and stretches at her desk. A long yawn escapes her lips as she glances to her radio and tunes into an old frequency she had not been on in some time. She thinks about the people who would be listening in and smiles lightly at the memories shared with them before beginning to transmit.*

"I hope you are well. I've had a few encounters with a small portion of those I know have this frequency but other than that it has been quiet with little talk of you guys. I suppose that is good news for you considering how you all normally operate....take care and be safe."

*She sighs heavily and releases the PTT after. There was little else to say and she still had a long night ahead of her so she simply set the radio down on the desk before her and got back to work.*

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41 minutes ago, Lyaria said:

*Lyaria sets her pen down and closes the books as she leans back and stretches at her desk. A long yawn escapes her lips as she glances to her radio and tunes into an old frequency she had not been on in some time. She thinks about the people who would be listening in and smiles lightly at the memories shared with them before beginning to transmit.*

"I hope you are well. I've had a few encounters with a small portion of those I know have this frequency but other than that it has been quiet with little talk of you guys. I suppose that is good news for you considering how you all normally operate....take care and be safe."

*She sighs heavily and releases the PTT after. There was little else to say and she still had a long night ahead of her so she simply set the radio down on the desk before her and got back to work.*

*Logan walks along the dirt road, listening for the low growls of the infected on his sweep through town. He stops, pulling his radio off his belt, pressing down on the button.*

"Good to hear that your in good spirits Lyaria... We are holding up as well as we can. Days have been better and days have been worst. We are all alive..."

*He smiles weakly, the slightly sad tone that she could easily recognize from before.*

"I hope you stay safe out there... I hear that you've been doing your own thing now... Stay safe..."

*He lets go of the button and reclips the radio to his belt, before proceeding with his route.*

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*Axel would be walking down the road as he pressed the PTT*

"A few more days and I will be back, I have been looking for her ... I don't think she is coming back. I have lost all faith in it now."

*An audible tired sigh can be heard before the transmission would fade to static*


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*Logan picks up the radio from the table, pressing down on the button.*

"Take your time Chief... Don't push yourself too hard out there... you may miss the big picture."

*He clips his radio to his belt before rubbing his hands on his jeans, rain dripping from his hair.*

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*Logan walks down the road, his right hand on the radio, left adjusting the dial. Once he got it on the right frequency, he presses down on the button, taking a moment before speaking.*

"Hey... Guys. I'm going out for a bit... Not too long, a day, two at most. Bit of a scavenging run for some... more hard pressed things to find. Watch batteries, cabling, hygiene stuff like toothpaste, tools, crimpers, trinkets, doo-dads... So... If anyone has something they need that is... harder... to find. Tell me. I need some practice, getting a little rusty... Also, if we move again, tell me. Stay safe everyone... I want to see family when I get back."

*He lets go of the button, stopping for a moment, before clipping the radio to his belt.* 

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*solace sits in the tent and sighs. Thinking for a bit she picks up the radio and hits the ptt, praying to whatever is out there, that Nyleea will hear, and listen.*


I'm hoping that you're listening. 

Ivan told me that he's been talking to you, and that you're very, very, sick. He's worried about you, we ALL are. Axel has been out looking for you, your husband. He's worried, and its not going well. Lucky's been searching all over, most of us have been. I'm holding down the fort so to say. You know me and locations...bad. Still been listening for you all day on the radio though.

Nyleea, please come back to us. You had every right to be angry when we all thought he was dead. But please, realize this... he never died, he's back here...and we're all trying to find you. 

All I can think of is him fighting to get back to you. Us as well, but you're more important. But now, it sounds like you're just giving up. 

Have you thought about it Nyleea? What it must be doing to him? He went through hell and got back here. You're gone. But you're not, you're hiding, and sick. He knows you're out there, and he's helpless to do anything but look. 

You know how awful that feels, that helplessness. Because why? What are you doing? He went through hell and practically death to get back here, and you're just giving up?"

*she pauses, taking a few breaths and blinking away tears. She hits the PTT again.*

"I know that's not you. Not normally. I'm not sure what you think you're hiding from. Do you think we're angry? When John left, I know you were worried. He was grieving, he wasn't rational. Yet you all just wanted him back safe. We just want you back safe.

Hell, my first day with you all... logically I should have run off screaming after what happened. But I didn't. Because I realized the pain people were in. I wanted to help.

You remember that day? I'm sure you do, kinda hard to forget.

I told both you and John something very, very important that day. Do you remember? Do you remember, after all that chaos, stories, reveals, what I told you? About yourself? 

You need to remember that. You're someone with a lot of pain, and a lot of love. We're not mad at you, we just want you to come back to us. Safely, so we can take care of you. 

If you don't believe its him, shouldnt it be worth finding out? See a good dream up close? We're still trying to believe it, but he's here, he really is. He's alive and here.

Nyleea, please. Please. Please. Please. Tell us where you are, or come to us, I'm sure you know where we are. Don't just sit in the damn trees, come back to us. 

We're all waiting for you."

*ends the transmission, wiping tears from her eyes.* 'Chief, Adavil, Emmrich, trading post, now Stradic. We've all lost so much... please don't add yourself to that list. Come on Nyleea..." *she sighs and holds the radio close, listening*

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*starts awake and looks around for a moment wondering what roused her, the radio came to life again for a moment then went silent. She clutched the radio in her hand and started at it for a few seconds before pressing on the transmit, the voice coming over the radio hoarse and the breathing heavy and laboured*

The fire keeps going out........Stephen was suppose to find wood..............Leeway said he'd make soup................at least there's some singing..............I can hear them.....listen

*she goes silent but leaves the frequency open so that those listening can hear the distant howl of wolves*

It's a pretty song.............wish Stephen would hurry back......................it's cold here................

*she erupts into some heavy ragged coughing, then gasps for breath before ending the transmission*

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"Nyleea, please... where are you? Can you tell me where to find you on a map? I'll come right too you, let me help, please. I can't contact your friends and I don't know where you are"

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*the radio comes alive again but the voice speaking in somewhat incoherent and muffled as she begins to speak*

home.............no home...............they keep moving me......................so much don't know where I am now....................soup............................

*the voice grows silent for a few seconds as the frequency remains open, the howl of wolves suddenly comes over the radio and the voice speaks again*

singers..........want in...................where is the door?

*the transmission goes silent as the radio is dropped*

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"Do NOT open the door... singers are dangerous! Can you remember the last town you were in? What is around you?"

*she puts the radio down swearing profusely.* 

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*Eliane hauls the radio up to her mouth, her hand trembling as she holds the PTT down. The sound of wind gushing through the tree's can be heard over head as her tired and distant voice comes through*

Hey guys...I ugh...Nyleea...

*She takes in a deep breath*

She showed me this cave once....said to go there if I ever needed to run and hide....

*She groans as she tries to push herself up into a more upright sitting position*

Ill go check it now and let you know if she is there.. Should take afew hours to get there... Ill let you know what I find..

*She releases the transmit button and slowly drags herself to her feet, using the tree to support herself before she starts off in the direction of the cave*

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"Elaine! Can you call me on my private frequency? I can meet you, I'll bring supplies and food.. just in case. Are you alright? You don't sound okay..."

"Just tell me where to go."

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*hears the warning and now begins to look around wildly, the fire has gone out and she sits in the darkness, listening, she blindly feels for the radio and once found presses the transmit*

No not singers.....ghosts.........their coming for me.........No fire.............no light................I have heard them...............trying to get in...............my gun.............must find

*there is a lot of muffled shuffling for a few moments then the voice is heard again, sounding as if the radio is no longer nearby, but just held at a distance*

Leeway was making soup..............Alan says there's bad things....................I have my gun............

*the transmission continues for a few moments and all that is heard is laboured breathing and soft mumbling as if someone is talking to themselves or talking to someone who isn't there, then finally goes quiet*

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*Eliane breahtes heavily from exhaustion as she approaches the Cave, before entering she takes her radio off her belt and attaches it to her shoulder, putting a hairband around the PTT to transmit what she is doing, the sound of her scrapping through debris can be heard*

Okay...im here, going to check it out... 

*Her slow, unsteady footsteps echo underneath as she enters the cave, a flashlight click can be heard* 

Right...im looking around for her now 

*Her voice echoes off the cave walls, after afew moments a sudden bang rings out and Nyleea's voice can be heard shouting about ghosts and singers. Eliane cries out in pain and crumples to the floor, two more loud bangs echo through and the sounds of her dragging her body and the scrapping of the radio on the ground follows. She grunts as she drags herself outside, setting herself against a tree in a sitting position not to far outside of the mouth of the cave, putting pressure on her leg. She removes her hand and watches the blood gushing out rapidly, she tries to peer inside but the blood floods out to quick for her to check* 

Fuck....not good........artery...hit.....fuck!

*Her breathing gets heavier and her voice weaker by the moment*

Dont..have long, Nyleea....she isnt herself! She is fucked up.....i...FUCK! I dont have long... 

*She looks up at the trees above, her breathing now turns shallow and rapid*

Funny....i survived mercanary work....i survived travelling across Europe...Ive killed, robbed and tortured more people than i can count.....And i die....doing the right thing...Kind of ironic....

*She closes her eye* 

I-i....my heart...its so loud.....fuck....i....dont wanna die....

*Tears start welling in her eye, rushing down her cheek soon after*

I thought i did....Now its here i dont want to! 

*Her swallow cries start coming through* 

E-every...everything is so cold......and blurry.....i...dont wanna go.....

*She swallows*

Im so sorry! ... P-please....help her!....Please.....She didnt know....

*Her voice grows quieter*


*A slump would be heard as she passes out, falling over. Bleeding out afew moments later. A slow padding on dead leaves and sticks can be heard followed by a Deep angry snarl before the distinct sound of an animal tearing flesh floods through. Gradually the whole pack begins to Howl before tucking in*  

//Perma death of Eliane mack

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56 minutes ago, Oisín said:


*Ryan sits in his house, browsing the various frequencies on his radio. He stumbles upon the sound of Eliane talking and stops, listening to what she is saying. As the broadcast concludes he sighs heavily, taking a cigarette from the box on the table and lighting it up. After a few moments have past he brings the radio to his mouth and pushes down the PTT*


*he takes a long drag from his cigarette*

Well, rest in peace Eliane

*He releases the PTT and sighs heavily, taking a few more drags of his cigarette. He then stands up, takes his rifle from beside the desk and heads outside*

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*solace screams into the radio*



*crying can be heard* 

"Elaine, I love you, we all do... you know that right? We're going to do everything we can to help her, I promise...

fuck... I don't know where to go...."

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*He would attune his radio as he searched for more supplies listening to the drama he would hesitate to press the PTT*

"... She's gone. Let her rest."

*The transmission would fade to static* 


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