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Guest Duplication

Hey guys. The new guy.

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Guest Duplication

I love playing DayZ when I have the time to! I've role played before but role playing in a world with zombies and pvp and many others will make this fun and interesting. See you guys around in the world!

Ingame name: Eddy

My Character bio:

Hello my Name is Eddy, I am a University Student. I was working on my masters on Biochemistry until this outbreak had occur. My father was a very famous Biochemist who was always away from home. I would only get to see him once every two weeks. Once I left for University my mother had passed away from a rather odd infection. We had a proper burial for her until five days later her corpse was robbed from the grave. My dad had let me know that the government had taken her corpse and have to make it seem as if someone robbed the corpse. He was always working with the government doing who knows what. I was very scared from a phone call that I received from my dad. He sounded very panicked and breathing hard and fast. He told me, "Eddy son, I love you but I can't save you now. Please protect yourself from anything abnormal. You're one of the fewer to know before everything goes to hell. I might have a chance to reunite with you if we both live. Please survive until I find you and if you see people who are looking rather ill, THEY ARE ZO...." our connection was cut. I continued my days as a student for a while until World News had come of homicides of people killing each other by cannibalism. I then thought back to what my dad said and ran home. I then received another phone call from my dad. He told me he was alright and let me know what he has been doing for the past year. Him and his group of other Biochemist have been researching on mutating dead human cell to see if they could make it alive once more. It had worked on rats for a while, with them coming back with a beating heart. He said that he operated on mom and said that it worked. Then the rats had a reaction after and were alive still but with their heart not beating and them looking dead. They checked on my mother to see if she would react but one night during watch, they said someone had broken-in and brutally killed every guard on duty that day and had taken the body too. They think that someone working from the inside might have done it. My dad had told me to reach to the closet airfield and to wait for him there. He said this would be the last call I'll get from him and told me to always wait by the airfield. I was in for a treat knowing what was really happening now. I packed my scouting gear from when I was younger. I grabbed my hunting rifle, water, canned beans and other surviving gear. My 1st way point is to head to the nearest airfield and get to a safety and hope that my dad would be there waiting for me.

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Guest Marcus Williams

Welcome to DayZRP! Make sure to read the rules.

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