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Amazing footage brothers. It's good to see that camera we found could come of use. God be with us, another group of locals has found their way to the outpost. Maybe lady luck is on our side after all comrades? *Pours a shot of Vodka and raises it* To my brothers in arms! Na zdrovia! *Drinks, and slams the shot on the table*

To my fallen comrades. *Pours some Vodka on the ground*

“Náklady na svobodě je cena krve!”

“The cost of freedom, is the price of blood.”

God be with you brothers.

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Boris heard transmission! Had vodka at end of transmission.

Liberation Front has support of Boris, whatever you wish!

Glad to see ZZ and CLF agree with other. Is time for unity!

Chernarus for Chernarussians!

If only you had left some russians for Boris to kill.

Happy to have heard Boris was mentioned. Would like visit CLF or ZZ some time.

(awesome vid, +1 million points for using heart of courage.)

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Our full glory is ahead of us. Comrades, with combined forces we can cleanse this land once and for all.

Liberation is within our grasp !

// Damn nice video, well done guys.

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Very good video, we all did a amazing roleplay on this.

It was also very funny to record/prepare, we did well there.

Hope we can do more soon !

Those americans bastards are already falling. Now with combined forces, they won't stand a chance.

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