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I don't appear to have a map?

Is there any reason why i don't have one, one would like to find a map so i can find the TP.

I would like to get the Hero skin if that is possible?

You can find maps in resedential loot spawns.

Unlike some servers, you don't spawn with a map in your inventory so there is more of a challenge.

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  • MVP

Hey! Like said above, you don't spawn with a map : you have to find them! Don't worry though! It's quite easy to find! Check out supermarkets and residential loots and you'll get one ;)

As for the hero skin : The only way you could get it was by buying it through the donation exchange. It has been removed for now since it was lagged. Looks like the dev team is working on every skin though! It may come back :)Discussion about the hero skin (a.k.a Civilian 5)

TP (in Chernarus, haven't checked for Taviana yet) is located at Klen, a mountain south of the NEAF!

If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask!

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