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Jess Newton

RL Military?

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I was just wondering who if anyone on the server was/is in the military in real life?

I was in the US Army 1st Cav.. I was 13bravo field artillery..

I served in Iraq..

I am no longer in the Military though..

Just thought it would be interesting to see who was or is in!

As I know that many in the military spend their off time on video games!

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I know we have a lot of military guys in the community, from all over the world too.

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Not yet at least, will be in a year.

Mandatory military training for all men n finland.

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Guest WaltteriH

Mika Häkkinen

1st. Lieutenant

Finnish Special Jaeger Brigade, 1st platoon.

Peacekeeper in Northern Afghanistan, Balkhin, Camp Northern Lights.

Currently on a break from last September to June 6th.

(Jukki, come to Utti after your basic training, and i'll make you into a man)

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