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Rules update

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Can the admins pleas compile a list of all of the little "rules changes" or rules NOT mentioned on the server rules tab. For a new player coming in, this place seems like a very great and safe place to role play. However it seems that there is an established set of unwritten rules such as "revenge time limits" and "New Life rule" and a slew of other crap i cannot find easily on the forums. These rules would be great to have writen down so conflict resolution and countless hours of rage can be saved. I understand player death is a part of the game , but not when it is forbidden by the rules everyone has agreed to play by that are posted.

Before comments , I have read the rules link , and the FAQ , and the rules explained information.

These should all be presented in a clear manner in one spot. I could work on this if you like while i have my week ban, I would just need a link list or an admin to comb over it to make sure i got them all.


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Guest Tizi808

Read a couple of reports and you'll figure out what to and what not to do.

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I would like to see them in one concise area. Having to dig through forum posts when there is a rules tab is kind of silly. But thank you for the directions.

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We used to have a rules section that was much more detailed, however that was overhauled in favor of a more simplistic set of rules for several reasons.

The main one being that too many rules make playing very laboured. As this is an RP server, we preferred the idea of players being able to make decisions for themselves by using their common sense, rather than having the rules direct their every action.

I'd agree that this might not be ideal for newcomers who are trying to learn the specifics, however I can tell you that just using common sense well get you a long way.

As for some of the more complicated scenarios, the thread Goz linked is the place for the community to ask and for the staff to answer. Beyond that, you are more than welcome to contact anyone from staff via PM, Teamspeak, or IRC and someone should usually be available to answer any of your questions.

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