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Guest JamieTheSnake

How to join RP2 Taviana

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Guest Jamie

In order to play on the new RP2 taviana server you will need a few things:

1. Download DayZ Taviana (DAYZTAVIANA.COM) 2.0 using DayZ Commander or by using this link

2. Download DayZRP mod 1.1.2 from here

Extract both to your ArmA2:OA folder so that @DayZRP and @Taviana are in the same folder as @DayZ.

Now you can connect by using one of these tools:


Place the .exe anywhere and run it. Requires .NET 3.5


- Jamie's BAT launcher: Coming soon...

Place in ArmA2 folder and run it.


- Use DayZ Commander:

1. Goto settings in DayZ commander, check the override DayZ Box andchange the Dayz Directory to @DayZRP


2. Add an additional launch parameter in DayZ Commander: "[email protected]"


3. Click the "Launch Dayz Now" button and get to the main menu


4. Click Multiplayer and click remote then type this host: dayzrp.com

and this port: 2312


5. Click the RP2 Server you see and enjoy playing the game! :D


If you have any issues feel free to post your questions in troubleshooting forums.

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