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Well i have a rather large list of neat mods that would be good for rp and would probly work with dayzrp mod.

This is more or less for development purposes.

MBG Killhouses





MBG_Killhouses adds 7 new walkable buildings. These buildings are purpose-built to suit Arma 2. This means floors,

doorways, rooms and the overall collision-model have been adjusted to cope well with the current collision-detection.

Here is a quick overview of all the building's features:

- 5 killhouses

- 1 Shoothouse

- 1 Big Warehouse

- Fully functional in Editor and Visitor3/4

- Highly precise editor-icons for easy alignment

- Averaging 100 positions per building

- Several wall-segments (Straight parts, corners, doors, gates, 3m height an 0.8m height.

- MP-Synchronized door-/gatesounds

- Breachable doors and wall-segments

All can be placeeditor for a roleplay base or just adding buildings with no spawns to be lived in


Cigarette Addon OA




Adds cigeretes, cool for rp


Blackhawk and Seahawk Wrecks





This adds wrecks for both Blackhawk and Seahawk Helicopters and also burned versions of both. Both can be found under

"empty >> wrecks". Addon is signed, .bikey and .bisign files are included. Classnames:



good for more wrecks


Deployable Camo Nets





This addon adds new camo nets in different versions - Inventory sniper/FO nets (new in v2.0), Backpack sniper/FO nets, and vehicle nets. All nets are located under Empty > Camo Nets. The sniper camo nets come in two sizes and can be deployed via new backpacks. The new sniper inventory nets are available in ammo crates (Ammo > Camo Nets). A script is included to allow mission makers to equip any vehicle with deployable camo nets. A script is also included for the sniper camo nets to help scripted deployment scenarios (pre-populate map with nets).


MBG Creationism




neat but i dont know how we could fit it into the server


Acoustic Guitar




this is neat and would be funny for roleplay

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some of the building would go great in taviana due to the wide flat open areas

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i could make a poll, I was just seeing what possible at this point in time. before i got too many people excited for nothing.

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more buildings yes, guitar definatly for around a camp fire, cigarettes would be cool might even become a currency lol and camo nets would be awesome to hide tents, players and vehicles!

make a poll :)

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Guest Skoomer

The Guitar is a must have!

All the other things, too. That would be awesome!

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cigarette one looks cool, would be great on a RP server like this :D

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when i saw that guitar mod, this is the first thing i came to think of

also, if the cigarette mod comes live on the servers, i demand booze with it.

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