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Guest WaltteriH

Petrenko's Diary

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Guest WaltteriH


10:30, Vybor.

I have ran here from Mogilevka in about 35 minutes using my compass and map. I know that there is a abandoned military airfield nearby, and it may be in control of bandits.

I decide to leave all of my items in a undisclosed bush just outside the town.

10:37, NWAF.

I have crawled under fences, and avoided the infected. I stumbeled upon a barrack. There was only low-tier Kalashnikovs there, but no SD ammo for mine. I decided to move to the Air-Control tower, and when i got there, i found exactly the same items, with an exeption of Saiga-12k shotgun.

At the other barracks i found an Sv.61 Scorpion, nice replacement for my Makarov. As i was about to leave the compound, i hear and see an Little Bird.

10:55, Vybor.

As i arrive to my stash just beside the yellow road, and start gearing up again, i see the helicopter had hovered above the barrack i was in for couple of minutes.

Just as i am about to leave Vybor, the helicopter flies towards me, and hovers above me as Ural, and UAZ drive about 5 meters from me towards Vybor. The helicopter then follows.

I had to cross a field right in front of the helicopter, and there were no foliage to cover my run. I start moving, and don't stop until i get to the treeline, and the helicopter or cars did not come after me.

11:10, Stary Sobor.

I again stash my AK and backpack to a bush just outside Stary Sobor, since if i have no gear, i cannot be robbed from anything.

I run to the military compound, and see nothing, and just as i am about to leave, i see a civilian with a M16 running towards me.

He says "Hi", and i respond.

He do not have any Stanag rounds for his M16, so i'll go on my way, and he goes to the opposite.

11:13, Stary Sobor.

As i am running away from the town, i see the same Civilian following me on the other side of the Valley.

As i find my stash and pick it up again, i see 3 people, one being the civilian following me.

I make a run for it, and they stop in my previous position. I keep watching them with my binoculars between 2 bushes around 250m of their position, and when i see them lining up and looking at me, i run away again, and they follow.

11:15, Stary Sobor.

As i run about 100 meters, a small hill and tons of bushes break their Line of Sight, and i can change my direction to left, and hide as i watch them passing by not noticing me. [[disconnect]]

This is a good spot ending my log for today.


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