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Wagwaarn people

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Heyup, the names Josh i'm 20 and from lovely ol' Manchester England (read between the lines, its shit ;p). I've had a little poke around here back in December with my girlfriend but then real life and other games like Prologue stole my attention. Now that Dayzrp looks to be really heating up I'm back for a proper crack with my brother (Hroth).

So, look forward to seeing people out there, hopefully not dying *grin*

Edit: When I get white listed ;p

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Hello Shacklock and welcome back to DayZRP! :)

Remember to read the rules again! They have been changed quite alot and if you need any help at all just PM me!

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Cheers for the welcome. Yeah I gathered RP is more of a mainstay now than it was, in terms of rules and procedure etc.

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Welcome to DayZRP (Again?) :P

I'm sure you already read the rules but do it again !

Hope you get whitelisted and if you have questions, feel free to PM me !

And remember, the Liberation Front is always protecting the good civilians, make sure to respect and protect the land of Chernarus against the americans invaders !

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Hey! Welcome back!

Make sure you send a new whitelist application if you haven't done this already! We all had to re-apply with the server wipe!

Make sure you have downloaded the RP mod and that you're up to date with these infos!

If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask!

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