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Idea for skill system

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  • Sapphire

The following is merely a set of ideas, likely impossible to implement but an idea for discussion nonetheless.

Players would have a set of skills to assign to their character. Each skill ranges from a rating of 0 (Untrained) to 3 (Expert).

Also, I'm aware that a great deal of the things mentioned below are either hard-coded into DayZ or simply impossible to reliably implement via scripting. This is more of a concept for discussion than a true suggestion, but I would like to hear input.


Affects: Aim with firearms and reload speed.

  • Untrained: Weapons shake severely while aimed, similar to being completely out of breath. Reload time is increased by 50%
  • Novice: Weapons shake slightly while aimed, as if character is partially out of breath. Reload time is increased by 25%
  • Competent: Weapons shake only slightly when aimed, as if character is panting slightly. Reload time is increased by 10%.
  • Expert: Weapons are almost completely steady (currently how it normally works). Reload speed is normal.


Affects: Applies a 25% "maneuverability" penalty to certain vehicles based on skill. Penalty affects turn rate (but not radius), acceleration rate, and deceleration rate.

  • Untrained: Allows normal use of bicycles.
  • Novice: Allows normal use of bicycles and four-wheeled cars and trucks
  • Competent: Allows normal use of all vehicles except Urals, buses, and other large-scale military vehicles.
  • Expert: Allows normal use of all vehicles.


Affects: Applies penalties to flying helicopters and planes based on skill levels.

  • Untrained: Character does not know how to initiate startup for aircraft at all.
  • Novice: Helicopters and planes are 50% less maneuverable.
  • Competent: Helicopters and planes are 25% less maneuverable.
  • Expert: Helicopters and planes maneuver normally.

First Aid

Affects: Allows the use of medical items and boosts the effectiveness of some.

  • Untrained: Character can use bandages and morphine.
  • Novice: Character can apply blood transfusions and applies bandages 10% faster.
  • Competent: Character can apply Epi-pens, applies blood transfusions 10% faster, and applies bandages 25% faster.
  • Expert: Character applies blood transfusions 25% faster and bandages 50% faster.


Affects: Allows the character to repair vehicles.

  • Untrained: Character can replace broken wheels.
  • Novice: Character can repair a vehicle's hull.
  • Competent: Character can replace a broken fuel tank and engine.
  • Expert: Character can remove parts from functional vehicles.


Affects: Allows a character to survive in the wilderness more effectively.

  • Untrained: Character can build fires with matches, chop wood, and cook meat on a fireplace, but only receives half meat from gutted game.
  • Novice: Character receives normal meat from gutted game and can chop wood, build fireplaces, and gut animals 10% faster.
  • Competent: Character guts game, builds fireplaces, and chops wood 25% faster and only has half the chance of getting sick from raw meat as a typical character.
  • Expert: Character can build fireplaces and start fires without matches, and can eat raw meat without getting sick.


Affects: Determines a character's physical fitness.

  • Untrained: Character becomes winded 50% faster and takes 25% longer to catch their breath.
  • Novice: Character becomes winded 25% faster and takes 10% longer to catch their breath.
  • Competent: Character's fitness functions normally.
  • Expert: Character becomes winded 20% slower and recovers stamina 10% faster.


Affects: Determines a character's ability to avoid detection.

  • Untrained: Characters generate 25% more noise when moving and are 25% more visible to zombies.
  • Novice: Characters generate 10% more noise when moving. Zombie visibility is standard.
  • Competent: Characters generate normal noise when moving. Zombies are 10% less likely to notice the character.
  • Expert: Characters generate 25% less noise when moving and are 25% less likely to be noticed by zombies. Characters lying prone and still will never be noticed by zombies.


Affects: Determines a character's physical durability and strength.

  • Untrained: Character's maximum blood is reduced to 9,000. Character bleeds for 10% more damage, and has a 2% chance per second of passing out when low on blood (instead of 1%).
  • Novice: Character's health attributes are normal.
  • Competent: Character's maximum blood is increased to 13,000. Character bleeds for 10% less damage and only has a 0.5% chance per second of passing out when low on blood.
  • Expert: Character's maximum blood is increased to 14,000. Character bleeds for 20% less damage, only has a 0.5% chance per second of passing out when low on blood, and cannot be forcibly knocked unconscious by zombie strikes.

With a total of nine skills, each character can have one Expert skill, two Competent skills, and three Novice skills, leaving one of them untrained.

The idea behind all of this is to prevent the characters we see that seem to be experts at everything, and to prompt some diversity and teamwork.

Do you want to get by having a bunch of soldiers with no medical training? Or do you bring along a medic that's extremely skilled but can't handle a firearm very well?

You're heading out to repair a vehicle, so wouldn't it make sense to find a mechanic that can adequately repair the vehicle?

As the game stands, everyone can do everything, and while some people do roleplay character limitations, most don't, or most just play the super elite special forces guy that's good at everything.

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Guest gamBIT hero

I'd nearly suggest letting people max it all by doing X tasks. Figure marksman shooting Animals or designated points. Etc etc.

Finally a reason to stay alive.

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  • Sapphire

-1 we can just RP being inept at something - paddy hates boats and isn't the stealthiest guy - I don't use boats and if I want to get somewhere I sprint it.

How well is that working out in general, though? How many players are super ex-special forces BAMFs that can fly choppers, shoot straight, drive big trucks, and perform brain surgery with a butter knife? Try at least 50% of the population here.

I also roleplay Lucia realistically. She can shoot and hunt due to a rural upbringing, but her driving skills are limited to four-wheel cars, she can change a tire but not repair an engine, she can't fly (and is, in fact, terrified of flying), and only recently learned how to give blood transfusions. If I were forced somehow to fly a chopper or drive a bus, I would probably crash it, because that's likely what Lucia would do.

(unless I'm on an op obv)

So, you drop character when you're on an op?

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  • MVP

This is very impressive, I love it. And some of this might not be horribly difficult to implement.

The shaking for example is a feature which I think can be toyed around with quite a lot.

Things like reloading, bandaging and removing car parts from vehicles however, that might be more difficult.

But im no expert in coding, just taking wild guesses there.

I generally agree to the skill and skillpoint layout, but it might be an idea to allow gradual "skill levels" through events. But it should be ridicilously difficult and take ages to develop, not be something people can "power-play" through.

How such a skill levelling system would work on a practical level though I dont know.

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  • Server Manager

Something similar has already been suggested, by me actually :P people didn't like it.

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Most of these suggestions are unrealistic and would barely be followed at all, this mod is on a army simulator after all. This would be cool but it can't really be implemented..not in the time we have between now and the standalone.

EDIT: Game play restrictions would hinder the role play experience anyways, better to let people play free and role play what ever way they want

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I love this idea, and have been toying with it myself. I myself, am thoroughly tired of

seeing everyone being entirely competent at everything possible. It's annoying.

Having people actually have to adhere to their background, instead of doing whatever

they please as long as it fits the situation, is kinda bs.

I'm dying for this to be implemented. Anything involving shaking should be super easy

- it's already in the game, just copy paste something somewhere for each effect.

edit - inb4 someone accuses me of not following my RP Background.

My guy can shoot assault rifles. Doesn't use sniper rifles, hardly ever uses pistols.

I think my guy has used an Sa-58 CCO and M16A4 more than anything other than maybe the

AKS-74U. He likes guns, was in airsoft, and can use most small-arms. Hell he's even a good

shot. He can only fly the little bird, having basic training in army reserve (not hardcore

front-line training even.) And only knows basic first aid that anyone would know after

reading a couple books or taking a CPR course. He only knows how to apply blood because

several free medics have showed him how, several times.


Assault Rifles, preferring AR-15 platform. (C8 rifle pl0x) Refuses to use sniper rifles.

Vehicles with a bias towards 2-wheeled vehicles. Doesn't drive "military" stuff.

First Aid only when required, doesn't really like blood much.

Is in shape from years of air soft and mountain cycling.

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  • MVP


Even if this were possible, I'd much rather the devs time be spent elsewhere. If people want to roleplay to the level where they create incompetencies for their character, then so be it, but I'd wager many here don't really care to do that.

Cool idea though I guess.

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Before any of this kind of thing, I want the compass display to be made smaller and placed to one side of your character on the screen, personally.

Also, I believe the main argument against the last suggestion like this was that - in the end - people still had the choice on how to play, and how to restrict their own character knowledge/abilities, without the mod devs spending hours and hours hard coding it into the game.

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  • MVP


Even if this were possible, I'd much rather the devs time be spent elsewhere. If people want to roleplay to the level where they create incompetencies for their character, then so be it, but I'd wager many here don't really care to do that.

Cool idea though I guess.

Here's the thing though. "Powerroleplay" is probably one, if not THE, biggest problem a lot of online communities face. Trust me when I say it was a major issue in games like WoW or SWTOR.

DayZ may be different because its built from an "army simulator", but the fact remains that having limitations to your character should be considered part of the -utmost basics- of roleplaying. The various skills that are "automaticly" put into use by people in dayz, without thinking about it, are very varied.

The primary example of this applies to helicopters and mechanical repairs.

In terms of marksmanship, driving and survival I'd be willing to be more lenient. Driving is a skill the vast majority of people already possessed, and marksmanship and survival is fairly essential to have been able to survive this far.

But people automaticly being able to replace fuel tank parts and Engine Components to repair a wreck? That's not only a stretch, that's a giant leap.

The ability to fly helicopters is by far the biggest stretch of them all of course. It is a ridicilously difficult task even for experienced aviators.

So while a skill system like this might not see the light of day anytime soon, I Think it should go under "reason" that more and more people start to roleplay some limitations for their characters, especielly in the examples I just gave.

And I am fully aware this will be an uphill battle, seeing as very few people are probably willing to roleplay these limitations, especielly in circumstances where it would limit them from interesting gear or vehicles.

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Guest WaltteriH

The flying is a thing you need to learn in ArmA (remove teh autohover naow), so is shooting because the bullet drops etc.

Driving and moving are the easiest things to learn.

If you learn them in normal ArmA (what everybody should do), why they shouldnt know how to do those things in DayZ?

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  • Sapphire

The flying is a thing you need to learn in ArmA (remove teh autohover naow), so is shooting because the bullet drops etc.

Driving and moving are the easiest things to learn.

If you learn them in normal ArmA (what everybody should do), why they shouldnt know how to do those things in DayZ?

Well, firstly, flying a helicopter in real life is WAY more difficult than flying it in Arma, even with autohover off. The average person couldn't even figure out how to start up a helicopter, much less take off.

Second, your character has probably never played Arma 2, and playing a game like that doesn't translate into real skill.

I don't see the logic it takes to feel that anything you do in Arma 2 should translate to your character's gained knowledge in RP.

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  • Server Manager

I think I'll assign Jerry to this project :D

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