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The old dog of Chernarus - Boris Krokorew

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Background and history:

"I was there, at Staroye. At least five russians against me and my friend. They had us, and we surrendered. They beat us with their weapons. Death was close. I prayed to god it would be quick.

Then he was there, from the shadows. He had axe, nothing else! Russians had AK-74s! I know not how, but he killed them. I hate russians as much as any NAPA, but it was gruesome. Their screams. He cut them apart, slowly. That day I was extra happy I was not russian. But that day I was also happy I met the old dog of Chernarus."

Testimony from Ivor Tzyekow, NAPA resistance fighter, 2010

Boris Krokorew, aged 49, is a former NAPA guerilla fighter that's lived in Krasnostav, Chernarus, for almost his entire life.

Most of Boris's family lived in Krasnostav with him. Boris was raised with his three older brothers, all who perished at the hands of the russians and chedaki in the rebellion.

Only one of Boris's family members, his uncle, lived outside of Chernarus. His uncle Vasily resided on the island of Nogova, near the Malden islands. At the age of 17 Boris went to live with his uncle on Nogova. The reason why he travelled across the world to see his uncle is unknown, but some suspect Boris looked up to Vasily because of the ancient herolike stories circulating the old man.

At 1982 Nogova was invaded by soviet troops under colonel Guba, which abruptly changed the life of young Boris, now only 18.

Vasily and Boris joined forces with the resistance, and under the famous Viktor Troska, Boris gained much experience in guerilla warfare fighting against the soviets. Boris survived the conflict, but both his uncle and Boris's idol, Troska, perished in the war.(Although Troska's body was never recovered)

Missing his homeland, Boris returned to Chernarus and Krasnostav.

Developing a fierce nationalist stance and joining a variety of nationalist groups fitting his ideology, Boris became a known figure speaking for "Chernarus for Chernarussians" in his local town of Krasnostav. He often spoke out most fiercely against russian interests and ethnicities, which got him into trouble more then once.

He has spent more then five years of his life in chernorussian prisons.

He soon joined the Chernarus nationalist party(NAPA) and become one of the group's more experienced fighters when the conflicts with Chedaki and Russia began. He quickly took up a role of training the more inexperienced men of NAPA into seasoned guerilla fighters, and thus quickly earned a reputation for being a harsh drill sergeant.

Whatever reputation Boris got as a drill sergeant, it was tripled as a fighter. His first nickname was "the butcher", mostly from brutal incidents against chedaki and russian patrols near Krasnostav, Staroye and Vyshnoye. For whatever reason, Boris seemed to favor excruciating methods to kill his enemies, and sometimes took great risks, foolish many would say, to dismember them with melee weaponry. Known weaponry include hatchets, a scythe and a shovel.

In the larger battles NAPA participated in however, Boris used firearms. He had a good eye for sniping, but was usually put in frontline close up roles due to the effect his reputation sometimes had on his enemies.

When war was over, Boris's nickname and reputation slowly transformed

from "the butcher" to "The old dog", a pointer to the fact that Boris was one of the oldest NAPA resistance fighters still alive, as well as an intentional effort to prevent reprisal efforts against the previous cruelty of Boris's actions.

When the outbreak hit Chernarus, noone saw much from Boris. His house was empty and he was nowhere to be seen in the whereabouts of Krasnostav. Most of his family members however are confirmed fatalities of the outbreak, and many assumed Boris was among them.

However merely a week ago Boris resurfaced near Krasnostav and has now once again taken up residence in his old house at the western edges. Whatever happened to him during his absence is unknown.

Personality and behaviour:

Many think Boris to be the meanest chernorussian alive, due to his reputation. But most are startled by the gentle soon-50 chernorussian that seems kind and generous, with his horribly broken english. Sometimes he even seems pleasant towards foreigners, although this is usually to a significant lower degree then compared to his fellow chernorussians.

When in the presence of russians, Boris has a tendency to just go quiet and show a brooding face that could rival the darkest of goths. No known russian has to this point tried to interact with Boris in this state. At least noone still alive.

Boris tends to avoid americans as much as possible, but when he does encounter them, there are obvious signs that he is struggling to put up a polite face.

Known skills:

Apart from surprisingly good cooking skills, Boris has few commonlife abilities to work with. The sole exception to this(apart from cooking) is hunting, as Boris tends to be a person that prefers the wildlife to citylife. When his life has not been filled with conflict, political brawl or being stuck in prison, he has hunted game in the forests around Krasnostav.

As a result of this, and his considerable NAPA experience, he knows the lay of the land of Chernarus by heart. Around Krasnostav in particular, he knowns every single knook and cranny.

Because of his life, Boris's primary skills lies with warfare. Although familiar with tactics, most of what he's learned from his time on Nogova, he is a fighter and soldier at heart, not an officer or leader.

Having practiced and hunted almost daily with his CZ550 sniper rifle, he is an accurate marksman by anyone's standards. He also possess considerable experience with assualt rifles(AKs in particular) and pistols.

He also knows how to work explosives and has rudimentary experience with first aid, but these are not skills that Boris excels in.

The final skill of note for Boris is melee. Having participated in brawls for much of his life, and having even prefered melee weapons in combat, Boris is a fearless and skilled opponent up close with quite the few notches in his hatchet. Of course the question comes down to who this doesnt apply to these days, seeing the zombie threat and their tendency to want to get close.


Boris is a rugged large man not yet touched by grey hair, despite his age. Although he used to prefer his appearance in neat order in the older days, recently he seems to have taken less and less interest in appearing clean and decent. Boris's clothes are broken and his hair is a mess. It is clear this man has not washed or even brushed his teeth for a considerable time.

He has a rugged beard that stretches across his entire lower face, and a fair few small scars in his face tells the tales of his history.

Recent developments

Recently Boris reappeared, to many old chernorussian's surprise. Not having said a word of his past or where he was to anyone(yet. The single exception to this is a brief comment to Murdentist from CLF), he has taken up residence at his old Krasnostav house. He has also repeatadly been spotted at the trade post, where he can be easily recognized trying to vendor various items using his broken english.

Boris is a loner, but is currently in good standing towards the following groups:

- CLF. Many are former brothers in arms

- ZZ. Although he has not interacted with them yet, he has heard of them, and thus are friendly with them on the same basis as CLF.

- FM. Although many of the free medics are foreigners, Boris has taken a liking to this friendly group due to his positive experience with their helpful attitude. This single group has started to have Boris reconsider his resentment to foreigners, with the exception of russians.

Recent developments will be constantly updated.

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//Amazing story Tomeran, really well written!

Comrade! The Russians are back from the Kremlin! They must have heard our broadcast! Grab the AKM, I can hear their Mi-17 now! It will be just like the old days huh old man!? *Readies PKM* There is no time, I will tell the boys! *Finishes shot of vodka and runs out the door*

// Shall we deal with these S-GRU scum?

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The stories my brothers tell do not do you justice and I feel that you yourself are guilty of being modest in your own accounts.

I look forward to the day to when I can see the Old Dog start to sink his teeth into the developments affecting our land.

Chernarus for Chernorussians!

// Great read Tomeran. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to hearing more from Boris.

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