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Message for those who have survived.

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*Jack picks up walkie-talkie*

Hello survivors!

I don't know if you can hear me..

My name is Triplett, Jack Triplett.

I've come across this server on my look for a new home, a safe haven.

After working hard to enlist in this server, I am now one of you.

I am not the most sane, or the most insane of this world, I simply survive.

I hope there isn't an influx of killers around here..

In our new world, we are the minorities.

Color, means nothing.

Insanity, means nothing.

Ancestry, means nothing.

This world is run by the undead.

They are the new threat.

I do what I can to survive;

To understand life and death.

This world isn't about killing our own kind.

We, as the living, need to stick together.

It's getting dark, so I need to go..

Triplett, signing off.

*Jack sets down the radio, and looks at the night sky.*

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Creative introduction! Welcome to the community and congrats on now being one of "us." You should consider doing something in the Stories/Lore thread. You obviously have a flair with writing :)

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One of the most innovative ways to introduce I have ever seen. Hope to see you ingame, and I hope your RP is as good as your story writing. Cheers!

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I love when people introduce themselves this way! :D <3 Welcome to the Wasteland!!

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Nice intro mate... I hope to me you in game soon, with an intro like that you my friend will fit right in :)

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Thanks, all!

It means a lot.

I will be quite active in the stories/lore section.

Jack has quite the background!


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