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Intel and backstory for Bohumìr Dobransky.

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Name: Bohumìr Dobransky.

Born: Chernarus, Pavlovo.

Religious background: Jewish.

Sex: Male.

Age: 34.

Birth date: 04.06.1979.

Height: 183 cm (centimeters).

Eyes: Green.

Hair: Unknown due to an earlier "accident".

other: Wears balaclava due to excessive skin damage in the face, arms and chest region due to an earlier "accident".

Job prior to the infection start: Intelligence operative and scout in NAPA before he was arrested for terrorism and massmurder.

Story: Bohumìr was born the 04.06.1979 in a town called Pavlovo in Chernarus. He grew up with his parents named Amàlie and Libor Dobransky and went to school in Pavalovo and university in Zelenegorsk.

At the age of 24 He finished his education in Explosive and structural engineering at the university of Zelenegorsk and got a job at the Solnichniy quarry as a mining consultant and demolition expert. Later he got married to a woman called Eva Babinec(23) and had a baby boy called Alexej one year later. He then bought a house in Pavlovo on the other side of town from where his parents lived and settled down there.

One day when Bohumìr was at work at the quarry the broadcasters on the radio announced that there had been an explosion at aresearch lab driven by an American company located in Pavlovo. After trying to phone his wife a couple of times with no answer he gave up and got into his car and started to drive. When he approached Pavlovo he could clearly see black smoke on the horizon, but before he could even see the town he was stopped by an American roadblock about four kilometers from the city. The Americans had the place under lock-down and gave no news of survivors. Scared and given no other choice Bohumir then drove back and parked at the nearby forest and ran trough to get to his wife and child. When he got to the hill top he froze in fear. The entire city was almost covered in flames and smoke! He ran down to the town only to find his house engulfed in flames. He kicked down the front door and ran inside, but the smoke was thick so progress was slow. after some minutes of searching he heard crying upstairs from his wife and son so he ran for the stair case, but the staircase had collapsed. He desperately tried to climb up, but slipped and one of the staircase support beams landed on him and knocked him out cold.

Bohumìr was found two hours later by firefighters and brought to the medical center in Chernogorsk. After one month in coma he woke up and was told the terrible news.

His Wife, son and both parents died in the fire. He never received an apology from the company that started the fire, nor did he receive any kind of insurance money

Because he entered the town after being told to stay out. He lost everything.

Bohumìr stayed in the hospital for 3 more months in full isolation because of the infection hazard from the burn wounds. His face, arms and chest was burned from the fire beyond recognition. Even his hair roots on his head had died. The doctor

Report stated that it was a miracle that he was still alive. After the release he moved in with a child hood friend named Balàc Dermovac in the town of Olsha to fully recover.

Seven months after his release from hospital he joined NAPA (a local nationalist party and rebel movement). He had over the last seven months planned a revenge on the company

that started the fire in Pavlovo. First he needed to get close and NAPA was the only option at the time. During his first month in NAPA he began to use a balaclava to hide his wounds

and it became a habit to have it on at all times. After 6 months in NAPA the outbreak began and Bohumìr saw it as the perfect opportunity to get his revenge and staged his attack.

He snook in undetected at a American military camp close to Balota Airfield. He planted explosives all around the base defenses and then located the leader of the company that killed his family. He kidnapped him an blew up the explosives causing havoc all around the camp. While American personnel tried to get the situation under control Bohumìr tortured the leader and killed him before being arrested by military personnel. Bohumìr killed 23 people and injured 14 people in the attack. He later under interrogation apologized that he did not kill more Americans in the attack. one month later he was to be transported out of Chernarus for trial. During the transportation the pilot turned and bit the co pilot. The co pilot then went on to shoot him self in the head while steering the plane on a crash course.

Bohumìr washed ashore barely alive. He was found by a group of country men that was on the same plane as him and taken care of. He then joined their group called "Zagori Zarmutek".

They seek to neutralize all foreign, especially western, influence in the area.

They may spare individuals and grunts, but they will disarm them and exile them.

They will execute leaders of foreign groups. They re-establish all of their old campsites and outposts, defending their hometown of Kozlovka and the surrounding area.

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