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Running someone over discussion

Common sense suggests to move?  

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I would like to start a discussion on the subject due to much chatter as recent on the subject in SB, TP and various forum threads.

Without any proper rules or guidelines on the subject here is my POV

First rule of the game is common sense, so in that matter i am likely to say it is always the victims fault if ran over on main roads mostly. If a car is coming down the street IRL do you expect it to stop or are you cautious that it may not stop?

Would you run down the highway head on with a vehicle approaching expecting it to give way? This is a whole lot harder with zombies everywhere i will also add.

I have seen the whole it is in order to stop a car debate, but i think that if someone thinks standing in the path of a vehicle moving 50+km is a legit way to roadblock someone then they deserve death, i would never step directly infront of a moving vehicle this is just common sense.

I dont understand why so many people are getting run over, please protect yourself as best as you can and that means not running infront of a moving vehicle.


Thread in memory of all those who were ran over and either called KOS or filled a report.

I must add before the obvious derp responses that even if you want a lift or to get someones attentions i do still think its stupid to run infront of a moving vehicle.

This applys to 80% of the cases of being run over, i do understand there are a few legit times you are run over without fault.

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Whilst people should endeavor to move out of the way of cars, (Who the hell runs down the middle of the road anyways? Sure fire way to get robbed...), cars should also move too. Why, you ask? Well, sometimes people might not be able to hear a car coming. They might be distracted IRL for a moment (Phone call, parents talking, etc etc), or they might lag out a little bit.

Yes, while the arguement that someone IRL wouldn't just stand in the middle of the road, it can also be applied to the driver of the car. IRL, if you were driving, and someone was in the middle of the road, wouldn't you attempt to prevent a collision?

To conclude. I personally think if someone gets run over, it's both the Victim -and- the Driver's fault...Unless the Victim is deliberately trying to move in front of the car, even when the car is swerving, or if the car is deliberately swerving into the Victim. But if it's just a case of Lemmings, then it's both people's fault.

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As it stands, I think its a legitimate way to make someone stop/slow down and initiate a robbery. As the bandit, you're banking on them stopping or they run the risk of a KoS report if they hit you. Now obviously, if they swerve to go around you and you also move to stay in their path, then that's that bandits fault.

As for if it should be this way or not, its a good question. Its fair to imagine that common sense tell you to get out of the way if a vehicle is coming, but from he other perspective, common sense tell you to slowdown/stop if someone is in your path.

Sure, in society its the responsibility of the driver, but that's hardly the same as in a zombie apocalypse when there's a fair chance that the person in front of you may plan to rob you.

My problem with a rule that protects the driver in that situation is that it would be hard to enforce and easy to abuse. Essentially anyone running on any part of a road, regardless of their intentions, becomes free game.

Its a good question though, I'd like to hear what others have to say.

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Quite simply I would hope that people try to dodge one another. As long as the driver acted in order to prevent any harm then I would say that he should not be persecuted harshly.

The modern rules are that pedestrians have priority due to their vulnerability. The same applies in game but there is no law enforcement.

Personally I think that if someone runs down the middle of the road they are neglecting vehicles that may be approaching.

Ultimately, if the person tries to intentionally block you then you tried your best. If you run them over when you could have moved, then the guilt falls to you. If it was an unfortunate accident then hopefully both sides can come to terms with it.

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It can be quite hard not to see players in the road at night.

IMO, use common sense, if you wouldn't run in the middle of a road IRL then don't in DayZ. Although DayZ motorists must try to avoid hitting pedestrians, responsibility is on the pedestrian to get away from the road, especially when a vehicle is approaching.

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