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Maybe a Outbreak-RP on a mod-server

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So what about simulating the Outbreak in Chernarus from the beginning to the apocalypse on an empty dayz-mod server?

The idea would be taking a dayz-mod server for a quite amount of time, making separate kind of groups of the maximum players: f.e. 30 Players are civilian, 30 Players are militairy (CDF, UN...) 20 Are smaller organisations like red cross and so on...

Then there would be a admin or someone who controls the enviroment and if its lore-based. Also it would probably take a lot of planing and organisation.

Then everybody has its role like the militairy trying to control the infection, some civilian who try to escape or strike back against the militairy etc.

In my opinion, it would be an awesome experience, seeing how Chernarus becomes the place it is now and getting ideas for your character or RP-ping his/her story before the apocalypse. Also it should work fine with the possibilitys you have with the Arma2-editor, like placing npcs, setting barricades or maybe setting aim-bots as border-guard.

It sounds a bit wired now as i read it again but i think this could be a nice RP-scenario.

What do you think?

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Would be fun to participate but, I think it incredibly hard to micro manage 80 people. It would be hard to get the scene up into the air if you know what I am saying.

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Sounds great! But I'm afaid there wont be any mod servers comming back.

It is indeed a great idea, but that is what's actually happening in SA. People make their own story, their own goals.

Same goes fro groups, we already got UN, civilian groups that try to get to their goals.

Bringing back the mod would be all #hype for a couple days, maybe weeks. But eventually it will die out again.

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+1 I love this idea. In movies, games and things alike I love to see how situations unfold when it all starts. In-game though this has to be planned very precisely and there's got to be more than just one person monitoring it. Someone streaming it would be nice.

Perhaps some day these kind of events can be done on DayZ SA.

...some day.

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Although the event concept itself has a lot of appeal, there are two issues. The small issue is that if you intend for it to be lore-friendly, you need to be aware that it didnt happen overnight and it didnt happen everywhere at once. That being said, this can somewhat easily be arranged by "timejumps" and moving people about through teleports. Thus it being a small problem.

The bigger problem that unfortunetly makes it a bit unfeasible is just how complicated an event like this would be. I've ran big events on DayZRP before and even when the instructions are a relativly easy "shoot the zombies" or "shoot the guys in black trying to shoot you", then something usually goes wrong quite fast. As someone said, micromanaging 80+ guys in an event like this will be a nightmare and it makes me doubt wether it can actually be properly done.

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Was actually more meant to be a event for maybe some weeks, so i don't wanted to bring the mod back...

Just a event, which uses a mod-server, im really not into "bringing the mod back"

Was also meant to run parrallel, so not replacing anything

And how many mentioned and what i thought too, the problem would be the organisation...

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