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Nagato, Leif and Luna

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This story is about three little kids Nagato, Leif and Luna. First let’s talk about Nagato and how they met up. He had one common thing with others. They all had no parents.


Nagato knew his parents. At the age of nine. When he moved to his new house in a small village. He was sleeping in his bed and suddenly heard a cracking. He called his mum and said that he heard something inside the house. His mum went to check it out. He was a very shy kid and when he got scared he hid under his blanket. He suddenly heard a scream. A loud scream of his mother. He ran down to see what was happening and saw a the thief who killed his mother. He started running while the thief chased after. He ran outside into the street. It was middle of the night so he managed to escape. He lived in a poor country so he couldn't get new home just now. The next day he was walking around his village asking for food. But people wouldn't give food for him because they were too poor to share. He got very weak. After two more scary nights he was walking in a field and suddenly passed out. A girl found him and dragged him into small shack. He woke up after few hours. He panicked as he couldn't recognize where he was. But relaxed because it seemed warm in here and he couldn’t move because he was too weak. The girl asked for his name, but he was too shy to say it. The girl was cooking soup, Nagato wanted to eat but he was too shy to ask for it. But girl asked if he wants to. Nagato nodded. The soup was very tasty for him. Maybe because he had no food for 3 days? I don’t know. The girl was trying to talk with Nagato, when suddenly another boy came into the shack. He was surprised to have guests. He asked the girl what was Nagato name. But the girl said she didn’t know. Then Nagato silently said his name. Boy introduced themselves, their names were Leif and Luna.


Now let’s talk about Luna. She lived in a village near Nagato’s home. She was older than Nagato 1 year. She didn’t know her parents. She was left to live with her aunt. But uncle was bad for her. Luna was used as a tool to work dirty stuff. If she wouldn’t clean the house by the time aunt got home from work, she would been beaten up. She couldn’t live with her aunt anymore. She had a plan how to get rid of her, but fortunately aunt got into a crash while coming home from work and almost died. Karma I could say. While her aunt was in hospital Luna had to live in orphanage temporally. There life was better. She met new friends. She didn’t have to work all day. But after two weeks aunt was released from hospital. Luna cried much because she had to leave orphanage and life in there was very good by her standards. When she came home she decided to run away. She had a plan when night comes. She will steal the keys from aunt’s room. She managed to steal the key and break out of this hell hole. It was scary at first. Walking alone in night and it got scarier when she saw a boy crying in middle of the street. She couldn’t resist to ask what happened to him and came near him. She touched the boy and he suddenly jumped. Both of them got scared. After they relaxed. Girl asked for his name, it was Leif.


Last but not least is Leif. Personally nobody knows a lot about him. He was raised in streets by a group of vandals. He was a kid so he could sneak up to places. He had his own small business. He was selling info about other vandals. But everything changed when he got in a firefight. It was unexpected he was selling information about a group named “Green”. When suddenly a black Cadillac drove near them and someone started shooting true window. He was lucky because he was small and was able to hide while rest of the buyers got killed. He saw all dead bodies of them and panicked. He ran very far and started crying for hours. When suddenly a girl came near him and asked for his name.

As they were growing up. They gained new skills. Nagato, Leif and Luna became best friends. They always had something to talk about. Luna was always smiling and Nagato with Leif always laughing. As they were growing up they got more mature. But also they started doing evil jobs. They robbed people because they needed money, even that they lived in a poor country wouldn’t stop them. They had to make more money to survive. So they started selling drugs. It made them kind of rich at first. They even made money to buy a car. When Leif and Luna reached 19 they were allowed to drive. They started driving around the world dealing drugs. They didn’t think it was wrong to sell drugs, “If they want it why can’t we sell it to them” Luna said. They had a really huge job with a group named “Laughing Coffin”. It was a gun smuggling job. They had to smuggle 100 guns true the wall of Chernarus and sell them in city named Elektro. It was all good. Luna was laughing all the time because Leif spilled coffee over his shorts. It was all funny. When they reached Elektro, Nagato had to get out of the car and talk with these other dealers. They said that the money is in a house outside the city and they will pick it up later when Nagato shows them the guns. Nagato was suspicious about this, but still showed them the guns. Then suddenly dealers raised their guns against him. Luna saw that and started shooting with her glock at them. She managed to kill one of them, which allowed Nagato to escape. He ran near the car, but someone shot its fuel tank and managed to ignite fuel, which made car to explode. He was shocked. “Did Luna and Leif die?” he had no choice but to fight back with his own desert eagle. He managed to kill two other guys and ran straight near the burning car. He saw Leif walking. He wasn’t hurt badly because he wanted to go and help Nagato and when Leif jumped out car exploded. Nagato panicked because Luna didn’t jump out. Yes. Luna was dead. Fortunately her body was still recognizable. They waited in Elektro for few more days. They had to bury Luna’s body… When they did that they were getting ready, to move. Nagato thought it was his fault Luna died and couldn’t forgive himself. Leif turned TV on and heard about infection? They said that borders are closed and they couldn’t leave. Nagato didn’t panicked because right before TV was turned on he thought “This world is rotten… God should clean it up a little bit”. Nagato actually started smiling…

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Please make it in paragraphs, would be way better :)

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