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Gick Rhymes

Denied twice, don't want a third.

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Hey there

I have submitted 2 whitelist applications, and both have been denied. I would really appreciate feedback on my new and improved application, and if anyone who is in charge of evaluating applications could read this and tell me if it's good enough, that would be just so flipping great.


Any feedback would be really awesome. I already have 2 rejections, and one more and I'm done. So this absolutely has to get in, or I'll be pretty devastated.

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Can you please state the reasons on why your application was rejected the last time and please please please work with paragraphs.

It makes it so much easier to read and understand.

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As wendsill said, if we don't know the reasons for the denial then Its going to be more difficult for people to assist.

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Helped in PM /Solving

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