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Guest LittleHorn

The Best Survival Kit

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Guest LittleHorn

I know there are a few threads that pop up here and there but this I consider the best kit so far.

Basically survival gear kit is this:


1 x waterproof dry bag

1 x pair of gumboots

1 x rain coat

1 x hat of any kind

1 x pair of cargo pants

1 x pair of gloves

Keeps you warm and dry!


1 x Seline Bag

1 x blood testkit

2 x bandages

1 x morphine injector

For basic cuts, bruises and broken limbs!

Supplies and tools:

2x Peel Lid Tuna Cans

2x Water Bottles - Hydration is most important for survival

1x box of matches

1x gas lamp for night time house raids

1x flare gun for signaling your location if you break away from your group or get stranded.

1x knife or any other blade for gutting and cutting

10-20x Rags (can be used as toilet paper pays off it's weight in gold basically)

2-4x stacks of ammo for your rifle (1 stack for you & other 2-3 stacks for bartering with merchants or sticky situations)

Guns & Melee:

1x Rifle - Best is a mosin for long range and up close

However, I would recommend using the .22 sporter with a 10 round or 30 round clip. It's silent, deadly and keeps zombies from hording on your location!

1x Hand Gun - 1911 with a silencer is your best friend for avoiding the zombie horde and keeping those pesky bandits off your back.

However, if you want to go for the old fashioned (Giant hole in a body) go for the magnum guaranteed 1-2 shot kill. Warning: Loud as Sh*t and will cause every zombie and survivor converge on your location.

1x Melee weapon - I recommend the woodcutting axe 2 hit zombie kill chop and does not deteriorate as bad as other weapons for cutting down trees for those camp fires.

I hope you enjoyed this little survival kit and rate it as you see fit :P

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