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Buying a new processor need help!

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Okay i currently have a dual core amd stock processor that came with my pc. I got a bonus from work and was thinking of taking 100 of it and getting a new processor. I have a FM2 socket and was thinking of getting the Amd A8 series 6600k or 7400. Also to mention i have a GTX 750 graphics card. My question is

1. which processor is better

2. which will run dayz better.

3. how will these processor hold up to the newer games released.

4. if these processors are horrible what do you recommend?

Thank you in advance!

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/moving to off topic

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My advice is to wait until you've saved more money and buy an intel processer, better for DayZ and pretty much anything else. i5s work very well and if you want to go overkill you can grab an i7.

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i have an amd a8 6600k and a 750 gtx ti and i'd probably save for a better processor. The performance is pretty good, not the best. but when playing dayz it runs ridiculously hot.

if you do decide to go for AMD then you will definately want to change the stock cooler, That thing will make you think you are on a permanent sky dive.

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