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A Radio Broadcast

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((So i have just applied to the server and i wrote this in one sitting, I grant the story

sucks but im no writer, im a story teller.))

*This radio broadcast is playing on one frequency, its fuzzy and hard to hear but is playing every 15 minutes*

The mind of a man is a fragile thing, no seriously it is. The mind of a man is truly fragile, its like a twig on a tree. Apply pressure and setting and bam, its snapped. many survivors have had their minds snapped, then again many survivors seem to draw trouble to them like a magnet.

Now id love to tell you that Mr Richardson is a 'kind' and 'loving' man and that he cares about everyone, but I don't wish to lie. no no, Mr Richardson is a changed man, like many of his compares he came here for help and was flying over head. He was a member of the United Nations outreach team, was rather half arsed when it was jumbled and launched into an area that they had no idea was safe or not but he was there. His role was as a doctor, not of surgery or anything useful... but as a psychologist. It would be a simple role, he was to enter the country by plane as it flew over, jump to the ground and set to work on the men a women of the outbreak, well after he found the rest of the team.

But as with every story that enters the empty lands things diddnt go to plan. Firstly the plane started to run out of fuel so they had to fly over cherno instead so they could get fuel from north west. This would be fine, they could fuel up and move on. The plan worked well, as expected until a flock of geese flew into the blades rendering it useless. They lost altitude and started to fall, he jumped not bothering with the guns or supplies he had been given and fell until he hit land. That's all he can tell you as he is yet to meet any survivors, well that's until he gets to churno

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