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James Ingram

Only pen and paper

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(( I have submitted my whitelist application and created my backstory, let me know what you guys think ))

(( A note left in the Vybor Military base reads..))

I remember when it all happened..

My mother.. well.. was a professional piano teacher..

I was on military leave to visit my mother who had become ill with the flu..

but.. It wasn't the flu at all.

My last memories of her were of her screaming at doctors and our family with legions and boils all over her body trying to attack everything in sight and being strapped down in a gurney.

My father was a police officer for the town of Vybor and decided that he would try

nurse her back to health on his own and take her home.

I had to return to duty but I remember my father saying in the hospital "Don't worry champ. Mom will be ok."

He gave me a hug and said "I love you Jimmy. Things will be ok."

That was the last I heard from my father.

It wasn't long until those around me in the military base had the same "flu like" symptoms my mother had.

A senior officer named David Crow was drooling, slumped over on the floor with a nose bleed. We asked David if he was ok and he started to attack everyone in the barracks.

I remember looking into his bloodshot eyes..

The look in his eyes.. He wasn't even there.. Just mindless.

Five of us tried to calm him down but it was impossible.. He was attacking everyone and everything in sight, throwing people around like rag dolls and eventually getting his hands on a master sergeant. He started to try to eat the man, biting and scratching the master sergeant.

I remember hearing his screams for help.. It was like time was in slow motion.. I pulled the trigger and had to kill a man that day.

The very next day that master sergeant that was attacked had the same "symptoms" and ran off into the woods.. We never seen him again.

I had gotten a call over radio from the control tower that people from miles and miles around are displaying "flu" like symptoms and are attacking and eating other people.. Zombies??

In less than a week 90% of the military had become mindless zombies.. I couldn't even sleep without keeping one eye open.

I had no choice.. I grabbed a backpack, some supplies, guns and ammo and left the Airfield.

I have no idea what is happening to everyone or who to trust anymore.

It seems my only friend is this pen and paper, writing is the only way I can even remain sane right now.

If someone reads this note I am heading to Pustoshka for supplies.

If anyone has seen my father Glenn Ingram tell him I am still alive and I'm

looking for him.

Tell him I love him so much and I hope to see him again.

- Major General Ingram

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