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Max Volcano the lone search party

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hi guys, my 1st roleplay ever and im very excited about joining you guys! Here is my story so far... yes its very weak but im hoping to make its stronger during uni breaks!!

The names Max, Max Volcano. I live in Chapaevsk with my cousin. Well, i used to before everything started to go wrong. Before the outbreak we had little or no money, my family was ill and i was finding it hard to survive. My cousin and i used to go out and try and make money, playing music, mining, gathering, or whatever the job center with give us for that day. but the police force were giving away easy jobs for people to help with the civil war. Our job was to clear up and maintain any bad feeling towards both parties and find some order. After around 5-6 days things started to get a bit panicky. Everyone seemed more restless than usual days. we split groups up to prevent provoking arguments but people started fleeing, me and my cousin tried our best to keep things in order but it soon became a blind panic. we couldnt hold people back much longer. people where stepping over one another, i saw a little girl abandoned by her parents right in front of me like she was a stranger. i looked around to see how my cousin was doing and i couldnt see him! i realized then and there it had become a battle to survive this panic, what ever it was. i thought people were just fighting about the war but people were very aggressive, biting other people some were eating other people. Something wasnt right 2 people starting sprinting towards me pinned me down, i held one guy by the neck as he pushed me over and the other fell over on to a helpless woman and started attacking her. Relentless attacking i couldnt do anything. Thankfully a man pulled him off me and told me to run! i did and i started to panic i had no idea where my cousin was and i knew i had to get out of here, i headed for a nearby barn over the hill and collapsed. I woke up and everyone had just gone, it had started to rain heavily, i found a hat and a jacket in the barn, took a deep breath and went to look for my cousin...

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