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Arma 3 Mod suggestions?

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Robodanjal    0

So today I saw that Arma 3 was 50% off on steam so I went ahead and got it.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which the best zombie/survival based mods are?

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Masulii    24

Well, if you are looking for a zombie / survival mod for Arma 3, there is one that comes up to my mind:

Breaking Point.

- Zombies roaming around the cities

- Zombies are quite dangerous (as well as players :P)

- Different maps (Altis, Stratis, New Haven, Bornholm etc.)

- Kinda has a class system in there

- Really "good" weapons are actually hard to come by

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Breaking Point is 10/10. Masulli added some good points about it. As for the factions, there are people who group and multi-class(different classes in said group) which I find to be a very douche bag thing to do. For an example, a Ranger(hero) teams with a Outlaw and Hunter(both "bandits") and they use faction chats to find players to kill, so care what you say on your faction chat and who you trust. That aside it is still a great game.

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