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About a week ago I submitted my white list form for the 1st time. About after a week of waiting my form got rejected, the only reason was I failed on the KoS rights. I overlooked the application and I understood why It was rejected. So today I fixed my application and corrected it. Then I submitted it, I was the 5th one in the queue so my application was reviewed relatively fast but it was rejected again. The reason was "You have failed to or incorrectly explained the NLR rule about taking revenge on your killers. You have failed to or incorrectly explained the NLR rule about metagaming information about your killers after dying. " ( The Bright side is corrected the KoS :D)

The 1st time I was rejected it said nothing about failing to explain NLR or metagaming. This part of the application was accepted or not mentioned in the 1st go around. I personally think I explained it well and am confused on why it was rejected, but if not please tell me where I went wrong.


I have underlined what I personally think was overlooked. If it would be possible for an admin to over look my application again it would be much appreciated. Thanks for the help :D

P.S disregard my previous post it would not let me delete it for some reason. :/

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Well it says clearly that you havn't explained the revenge setting in the rules on NLR.

Basicly what they are saying is that after they have killed you. You have no recognition of the entire event happened and who they even are, in that moment of time you havn't met them at all and have no right at all to take revenge on them in any way possible.

So for example the wasteland cult has killed you and you respawn and go out to regear and regroup with your friends. That is when you are in no way allowed to say right well let's go hunt down the wasteland cult and kill them for killing me because that is obviously breaking NLR-rules. That is what they meant because you havn't really specificly mentioned it.

And the fact that they overlooked it on the first application is because they saw something wrong with your KoS rules explanation and did not read it further down because staff are insanely busy and have a lot to read/discuss/judge on in a day to day base. You have to understand ofcourse.

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Hahah yeah I understand you guys are crazy busy with applications :D. I'm not an admin so I don't know this but aren't the applications reviewed in the order they are written? I thought NLR was 1st? If not then I apologize. Also it said I failed to explain that I can not take revenge for them killing me because that I wont know who they are but I stated in the explanation "there should be no knowledge of transgressions or events that took place before bullets made contact with your face" and "if you meet them again you have no knowledge that they are a crazy wasteland cult" I figure that taking revenge would be impossible according to the expatiation I gave.

Thanks for responding and helping out. :)

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Applications are not first come first serve. They are reviewed and placed in a que, were more in depth applications are placed towards the front and ones with lesser words or effort towards the back. Donors are placed in a priority que.

If you are unsure about your application you can always hop on teamspeak and myself, or one of the rest of staff can help you.


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Sorry for the misunderstanding I meant when ever the admin get around to the application and reads it, is-int NLR the 1st subject too be read?

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