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Crafting leather sack from a deer pelt.

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Has anyone been able to do this recently? The old "recipe" was to use a knife on the pelt. I have tried both a hunting knife and a machete. Has this changed since leather crafting has been put in? Is it just broken.


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/moved to questions and solved

Like Tamaster already pointed out, there is a thread with the same question


you now have to craft it like you would the leather clothing and use tanned leather

you can craft tanned leather by using cow / deer pelt + garden lime

5 tanned leather + leather sewing kit = leather sack! :D

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Sorry guys, my search-fu is weak. I specifically searched leather sack, before typing up this thread and nothing came up. I'll make sure to do a better search next time.

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It fills me with giddiness to see more people wanting to learn how to craft and wear this pack :D I NEVER come across anyone else IG who wears one!

Happy crafting!

Tamaster.... Your new blue name makes me so insanely jealous.. You wear it well! xD

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