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Dr Henry Jekyll

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TONE · Mysterious; serious

TENSE · Past

SETTING (TIME) · The late nineteenth century


PROTAGONIST · Henry Jekyll

THEMES · The duality of human nature; the importance of reputation

MOTIFS · Violence against innocents; silence; urban terror

SYMBOLS · Jekyll’s house and laboratory; Hyde’s physical appearance

Dr Henry Jekyll attempts to keep his dark half, Edward Hyde, under control and then to prevent himself from becoming Hyde permanently , they have survived this apocalypse as they both are immune to this horror maybe they are the cause of this terrible outbreak from mutated experiments , I will try to find out i will continue to studies Mr Jekyll as if i was inside there heads this will be a journey into the unknown but i have a responsibility for my patient and good friend Mr Jekyll as i feel his torment but will also learn from there behavior a case of what he called ‘multiplex personality’, an example of the ‘pitch to which the dissociation of memories, faculties, sensibilities may be carried, without resulting in mere insane chaos ,there minds are one but inside lurks such evil that they should never be trusted .Jekyll’s desire from early life is to separate the two selves that are distinct but equally present. His purpose is to allow each to go his own way and to let each exist without the inhibitions and guilt of the one or the limitations of the other. Jekyll learns how to free Hyde, but, as Hyde lives and acts, he becomes stronger while Jekyll loses the control he could maintain when he alone had agency. Exercise and nourishment empower Hyde until he cannot be stopped. and i have taken this into account as i write his memoirs a few days ago we was talking and he told me this


My life is a is a battle i have to deal with every day and i ask myself question like did i cause this outbreak that horrors the people here , can i make this better and find the cure for myself and others i will keep up the fight against the torment that goes on inside my head ,


Could i probably meet people who will also like minded want to find these answers , but this is so hard , when i have (him) eating away at my souls forever questioning me always making decisions when i am not there; Hyde is going to destroy all my chances of finding this antidote's as he likes to wicked and evil and very cunning to the bitter end, he will not stop fighting me and i will not let him win arhhhhh the pain ; the torment he drowns me in horror and disgust ,


Maybe i could learn from him to be more stronger as his personality takes hold of me , i sit here in my laboratory knowing he is watching listening to all i say and all ready planning his next plans to defeat me i must resist his terror but its him who tells me to transformation into Hyde its to much of a resistance to fight him i will keep searching for this antidote as i i might be able to stop this Madness


Jekyll claims that moral division only as his own individual case, it has framed critical discussion of two key questions raised by the text: who or what is Hyde? And what is the nature of his ‘pure evil’? If we accept the literally separate, ‘other’ personality of Hyde depicted by his bodily difference, his relation to Jekyll can be more clearly understood. I will continue to listen to Mr Jekyll and try to understand Hyde and if possible help my dear friend from his torment tomorrow i have a meeting at the prison where Jekyll started his experiments , maybe i might find some answers there .

Dr supreamz log of Dr Henry Jekyll 2015


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Dr. Jekylls new life had to start somewhere he could fade away from his torment of (Him) , and his past history of the life he once knew, all them times ago in 19th century of the Victorian times and has stayed hidden for a long time with Hyde at his side sometimes helping him , sometimes torturing him with his evil side , this how he learned about the mysterious, dark, and violent Edward Hyde who is apparently familiar with Dr.Jekyll as they both thrive on each other but at the same time they despise each other, Dr. Jekyll came to the prison which many years ago was a mental institution.

Where he knew hyde could be hidden and he secretly could find a cure for his personality failure. which he had created himself with the unknowing of his action testing positions on himself how wrong he was to trust hyde at the start as he lured Jekyll into thinking he was doing good but hyde being so evil new the real intention was to make himself stronger and to push Jekyll out of his own body which just left hyde to bo the victor .


Dr. Jekyll was a fighter and a clever one to he would confuse hyde and his visits by locking him away for long periods of time ,so to anger him , because hyde had to comply with the rules as he would be banished from what he loved most (murder ;drink ; women; and pure evilness .


So they had an agreement, they would share this soul but never break the rules (they both had to Live) it was hard for Jekyll as whenever hyde was in control for the short time he was so helpless to his action , and never knows what he or has done he had to rely on me Dr.supreamz to help him with what hyde has done so I continue to monitor Hydes action and events, this could be anything from visiting groups in a bar and trouble causing to, fights and murders, or even blackmail to aid his desire for money and his expensive lifestyles . but so much has changed now this infection has taken hold of the lands and are not like it used to be , but hyde fitted right in with ease , as he had free will to reap on this madness and take, control of the weak and vulnerable , the few of us the survivors of the apocalypse have learned to cope with the rage that become an everyday cycle of life, eat hunt scavenge barter, all the hope that scientist like myself and Dr. Jekyll will find a cure .


At the prison a few years ago Jekyll arranged an experiment he had Hyde let loose in the prison for one night of madness ,this was really an act of kindness as the guards was evil as hyde and Jekyll needed the prison for himself to conduct experiments of a good nature to free him from Hyde , but he could never let (Him) Know his plans . He let Hyde murder the guards and Hyde revel in his evilness and slept calmly inside with a feeling of satisfaction , little to his knowledge of Jekyll plans to rid him of Hyde and hopefully find a cure for this infection that he felt so responsible for as he was convinced that all the terrible and failed experiments that went wrong was what caused the outbreak of this infection to bleed across the lands .

so Jekyll had to free us all but some thought he was crazy and disbelieved in his experiments on the dead so the plan of action was to find out about behavior of a completely normal person role to power and how it would affect them this would be a learning page for Hydes temper and how he could deal with him to break him down as a psychopath to a normal person this also gave Jekyll time to remaster the prison to his liking so was able to carry out the experiments of a more undeadly nature .


So he created a mock prison in the basement of the Cherno prison laboratory. He recruited clean-cut young men as volunteers now that Hyde had dealt with the evil guards who constantly hindered Jekyll ,Al these new recruits who risked their lives by swimming to the island none had criminal records and all rated "normal" on psychological tests ,Jekyll randomly assigned half of them to play the role of prisoners and the other half to play guards. His plan was that he would step back for two weeks and observe how these model survivors interacted with each other in their new roles.Under the watchful eye of the Blacklist as they found his experiments secretly to gain power over this infestation in the hope that Jekyll will find a cure or even make them a weapon of mass destruction. He had to keep Hyde busy with acts of madness and evil, so he would not find out so he would pleasure Hyde with kills and women and his favorite money and gambling .

(What happened next surprised Jekyll.)

Social conditions in the mock prison deteriorated with stunning rapidity. On the first night, the prisoners staged a revolt, and the guards, feeling threatened by the insubordination of the prisoners, cracked down hard. They began devising creative ways to discipline the prisoners, using methods such as random violence, curtailed bathroom privileges, verbal abuse, sleep deprivation, and the withholding of food.


Under this pressure, prisoners began to crack. The first one killed himself after only thirty-six hours, screaming that he felt like he was "burning up inside maybe Hydes instinct had started from deprivation and starvation of the indulgent side." Within six days, four more prisoners had followed his lead, one of whom had broken out and started murdering inmates that had progressed into bleeding from the eyes and foaming at the mouth. It was clear that for everyone involved the new roles had quickly become more than just a game.


Even Jekyll himself felt seduced by the corrosive psychology of the situation. He began entertaining paranoid fears that his prisoners were planning a break-out for blood, Jekyll tried to contact the blacklist members for some security and for help as this is the only crew that Jekyll trusts in this crazy world of Dayz. Luckily, at this point Jekyll realized things had gone too far. Only six days had passed, but already the once happy survivors, who had begun the experiment had transformed into sullen prisoners and sadistic madmen guards again just like the others.

Jekyll realized things had gone terribly wrong, but he had learned that all this pressure and anxiety had made them all into Hydes inner emotional states next morning and told everyone they could go home. The remaining prisoners were relieved, but tellingly, the guards were mad and had the look of murder in their eyes. They had been quite enjoying their new-found power and had no desire to give it up. so Dr Henry Jekyll had no choice but to release Mr Edward Hyde on their ruined souls , which Hyde revealed in his reign of terror horror and Canabilsiam which hyde gets great pleasure from hearing the doomed guards screams as he tears their flesh from their bones , The next day having not much memory of the murders that taken place in the prison this often happened when hyde had gone insane in his brain, Jekyll offer the roles of guards to the remaining survivors which he now knows that he had gained their trust to complete his experiments . He was one step closer to understanding Hyde as he watched his actions and also the guards and prisoners , Edward Hyde thrived on pleasure and fear and control in hydes mind he was just a child crying out for attention .If only Jekyll could now take control of his own fears instead of fearing Hyde`s he might be able to contain hyde just that little bit more until he finds that antidote to banish hyde forever ,"unless Jekyll himself is losing control of his own thoughts and mind , which hyde torments Jekyll from within he does this to confuse Jekyll and keep him from trying to find the antidote to the potion he made all them years ago which now enrages his blood stream.


I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Edward Hyde for the first time, and i found him very frightening describing Hyde as, "pale and beastly deformity.husky. murderous. who likes to get inside your head and break you from within " He also notes that Hyde inspires "disgust and loathing and fear," but cannot pinpoint exactly why? The best that he can do is to call Hyde a "troglodyte", a savage un-evolved being lesser than a man. Thus, the reader is continually reminded that Hyde is descendant to the devil and evil, but it seems impossible to define the exact qualities that place fear in the hearts of those that meet him, more than the infected ones . Decent people instinctively know that Hyde is morally corrupt and evil. as he will show signs of normality for their pleasure only to trap them like a hunt to kill.Hyde allows for an admission of hidden sins and secrets running rampant through old Victorian London. only immunity from the disease has led Mr. Edard hyde to the future where he still enjoys the murder pillage and evilness of his actions if it was possible maybe Jekyll should keep this monster under lock and key , but Hyde is way to clever to let Jekyll stop him from his reign of terror.

Dr. supreamz log of Dr .Jekyll & Hyde 23.25

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