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Ok so I get home and check to see if my white list application was looked at. See that it finally was so I hop on with some excitement. After playing for about 3 hours I get some gear. Then out of no where a lady who seemed nice enough approaches me. I was at a gas station between balota and cherno. After talking for awhile we see another group. So we approach them. Then the chick i had been with whispers "just go with it". Then she goes and says so me and my "HUSBAND" saw you guy and wanted to say hey. after only about 2 min tension builds between the two females and it look as if some shit would go down. Need i remind you this was only my first confrontation. They start ranting and spatting about god knows what while i was dumbfounded off to the side. then the girl I was with brings me into it and i was still kinda nervous . Says oh honey tell the nice lady who you are, So i say US Army ranger { that is what i RP) and she did not seem very impressed with it. so this goes on for about 10 more min , and every interjection i tried to calm the situation only ended in failure or made it worse. so then it come to a gun to gun conflict but no bloodshed. but out of nowhere right after out of nowhere they just stopped and we were set to leave and the other groups lady gave me some shotgun shells . But see her comes the twist the chick i was with was with them apparently and i had no idea. So after me being played emotionally played with, set ablaze, and awe struct i was quickly set straight and had no idea what had happened . But all an all i think i had a pretty good first day . Keep it up DayZRP your doing it right.

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