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The Eyes of a Poet

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A man with golden hair and a funny mustache puts down his pencil on to a dimly light desk.


"Oh my what a tedious time must I endure in" the man quickly said with the voice of a songbird. "But endure it I shall for that is the way the world is driven. For what ways this world goes makes me wish I were merely dust upon this desk."

"Hamlet, Hamlet you raving bastard what are you still doing here!" Yelled Nathan

"Simply pondering this stale existence lack of color and vision." was Hamlets swift reply "for what simply must I do to rid this gloomy cloak from my shoulders."

"I don't give a shit about your cloak, just get moving. We have a job to do you know" Nathan stated with a scowl on his face. "The meeting to gain precious information takes priority over your ramblings."

"I understand my dear friend and with that I am ready to depart." Stated Hamlet as he left the tent.

"What a pain in the ass" Nathan muttered as he followed.

-A hour later-

"It seems we have arrived at the dismal site of our meeting" stated Hamlet "But it does not seem like those who invited us have arrived yet."

"I don't like this" Nathan said as they made their way into the building.

"Nor I good friend, this place reeks something foul."

As Hamlet said this a dark figure emerged from the shadows.

"Now both of you please drop your weapons at your feet" A man with a thick Scottish accent yelled.

Hamlets shotgun slowly slipped from his fingers and clattered on the ground, Nathans followed in quick succession.

"I dislike those who try and pry into our bushiness" said the man in an enraged tone.

"Thou unfit for anyplace but Hell, you infinite coward" Hamlet replied in an singsong voice.

Just then the man noticed the object hanging from the talkative mans waist.

"That object drop it as well, if not I will shoot you here with no remorse.

That object took shape as The Scottish man Shown a light unto it. The object was a sword with as slim blade like a needle, and a circular hilt at the base.

"You cannot, sir, take from me any thing that I will more willingly part with" Hamlet responded quickly.

"Then die" The man said as he started pulling back the trigger. The action was not completed as the sword that was at Hamlet side was now embedded in the mans chest.

"Except my life, except my life, except my life." Hamlet finished with a smile on his face.

After finishing off the last man Nathan limped over to Hamlet who was scribbling furiously unto a strip of paper.

"A note for their friends?" Nathan asked as he pointed to the three dead men.

"Of sorts" Hamlet responded as he dropped his finished work unto the ground "Done, now let us depart."

As Hamlet left Nathan looked at the note that was left upon the deceased.

"When darkness like a curtain shall fall

He comes like a prince to save us all

Through trials and perils we shall see

The true lengths of his insanity

When he breaks into the city walls

The body's quickly start to fall

As he wades through his sea of blood

We are bound to servanthood

He takes his crown in view of all

As a tyrannical act of gall

The Bearer of Death shall stake the claim

And devour those still sane

Though morn shall once again take power

Over this monstrosity that claims this hour

And then we shall witness the fall

Of the Devil which ruled us all"

"Well that's not creepy" Nathan muttered as he followed Hamlets lead.

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