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Okay this is going to be about a two minute rant so listen if ya feel like it.

The community RP right now sucks ass (some may disagree) even though there are some very skilled RPers out there. I keep running into people that DO NOT CARE ONE BIT about the roleplay and it annoys the shit out of me, and even worse, some people will state it IN GAME. I was in a hostage situation at GM where two men had a hostage in the radio tower (I later died because of a V3S glitch trying to turn the engine off) and the RP honestly was bad, not because he was a typed but because in the middle of it all someone wrote //wow worst rp ever.

Seriously? come on at least fucking try. whew..well that was my rant and I will just keep trying..hey if you read all of that then you're a trooper. <3

And try and put some emotion in this..some people sound like robots.

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i had a encounter like this but worse i was playing withe a team off people up in GM as james keith when i meet a guy that tells me to drop my gun and not fallow him or i will be shot after the group i met at the lake came up and took the man captive he said so much shit occ such as this is kos you have no right to do this after being told to stop withe the banter in voip he kept going withe in the chat for solid 10 mins people really need to learn how to stop withe the occ banter.

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If you feel someone broke a rule, make a report.

If you feel someone gave you bad roleplay, maybe PM the one, give feedback.

Rant over


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