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Kurt Densel

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Guest SonicTactcis

When Kurt was young and was still in middle school he had very bad grades, mainly c's a couple b's or even failing. He hated his life. If it was because he didn't get the courage to ask out his crush because of his anxiety, not apply to sports teams because he was afraid he wasn't as good as everyone else. Or at least that was his excuse. He would stay up late in the night watching his lava lamp's bubbles go up and down, side to side, while he listened to calm types of music. It was the only thing that he liked, to fade away into his own dreams. By the time he was in his teens he got sucked into peer pressure and starting smoking cigarettes. He was doing horrible in school. His dad had just died of an unexpected heart attack when he was only 55. Life was tough for Kurt, the stress of his family was weighing down on him, his mom quit her job and was barely surviving with the welfare checks. Kurt was diagnosed with depression when he was 16. One day he stepped outside to light a smoke when he saw his little sister, only 9 get taken into a beat up old car. He ran after the car as fast as he could when something flew out of their car. A card with a Chernarus stamp on it. As fast as he could he borrowed money from anyone he could and bought a one way plane ticket to the now commonly known; North West Airfield, because thats all he could afford and he head off. He wasn't now gonna lose the only thing that brightened his days. He didn't want to give up. While his plane was flying a passenger came out off the bathroom and bit the pilot, causing the plane to fly straight into the International hotel. He got out of the plane to see people running, getting shot by other people with masks. He ran. Straight into the forest, He survived there for a couple of days, he was running low on food so he ran to a small town named Polana. It seemed as a miracle, he found his sister. His sister fell into his arms crying out "I thought i was going to die" after he took a knee and talked to her, of course her asking questions like "how did you get here?" and "how did you know i was brought here?" He was answering one of her questions when it just happened. A loud POP went off and blood splattered into his face. His sister fell to the ground, she had been shot it in the back of the head. Kurt was in shock, when a asian man walked up to him with another man with a motorcycle helmet, and said "We told you not to run off Jen." They looked at Kurt and left him there. Kurt's world dropped, he felt like he had lost everything. But he knew one thing, his sister wouldn't want him to give up. After hours of sitting next to the fragile corpse, he buried it and moved into the woods. He thought to himself "I must live, for Jen, i cannot give up."

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