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Jack Bandit

Prologue To Madness...

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After the apparent death of Mitch Skylark Jack began drinking heavily. He sat in an old house in Pushstoska lean backed in a chair against the wall, he had been there for days in a state of depression.

*Jack's radio crackles to life and a familiar voice is heard*

"Jack this is Dom...I...I am sorry to have to do this, but Mitches death has taken a toll on me...and I...I know it has affected you aswell...but I don't...I don't think I can stay around any longer...I just need....I just need to be alone...so I guess...this is goodbye for now"

*The radio goes silent for a long time...Jack continues to sip the Vodka he had found earlier*

"Heh...heh...heh....Aw mane, what the hell was I thinking....WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!!!"


*Jack throws his radio out of the window*

"Who am I to think that lilltle ol Jack could make a difference in this world...who am I to think that I could protect the people...WHO AM I!!!"

*Jack flips over a desk nearby and notices a brown book fall out of the drawer. He slowly picks it up and notices the front reads:"The Journal of James K..." There is some smudge on the rest leaving it unreadable, but the rest of the journal seems ok.*

"Hm...interesting mane."

*Intrigued by what he is reading, Jack sits on the floor and continues. He downs his his vodka and pours another glass.*

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Jack runs quickly through the streets of Chernogorsk being chased by a horde of zombies.


He fires two shots from his magnum both direct hits, he fires a few more shots and realizes he has no time to reload. Noticing the church straight ahead he barges through the doors seeking refuge but notices....darkness. He turns to leave and the doors disappear.

"What the hell is going on mane?"

He stands there completely surrounded by nothing but darkness.

"Hello....anybody home?"

Suddenly he hears a familiar voice in the distance, he begins to run towards it.

"Jack...Jack...save me Jack"

Jack begins to run faster, not knowing where he was going in the darkness but he knew he had to save him...he had to save Mitch.

"Mitch mane, I'm coming....I'm coming Mitcch!"

He yells into the darkness as his running picks up pace until he begins to see a light. In the middle of the light is the silhouette of a man with his back toward Jack.


The man turns towards Jack, revealing a zombified version of Jack's former friend. The creature tackles Jack to the ground and in a gurgled voice...

"You were suppose to be my friend, but you couldn't even save me...some hero you are!"

The creature bites down hard into Jack's neck as blood splatters everywhere.


Jacks jumps up out of his man made bed he put down in a old barn in Sosnovka. He is covered in sweat and his heart racing realizing it was only a nightmare.

"I'm sorry Mitch..."

Jack puts his cowboy hat on his head and sets out into the night....

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Nicely written Jack!

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*During his travels, Jack stumbles across an old military base far up north. He decides to scavenge the place looking for any kind of ammo and weapons that were left behind.*

"Now I know there has to be something here..."

*Overturning desk and file cabinets, he finds a few 12 gauge rounds and a pack of cigarettes.*

"Hm...well I don't usually smoke but I guess its a first time for everything hehe!"

*Sitting down in the corridor of the barrack, he places one of the cigarettes between his lips, using a match he lights it and takes a few puffs.*


*The sound of a garbage container falling over is heard outside. Jack slowly gets up and readies his rifle, throwing the remainder of the cigarette on the ground. Poking his head out of the barrack entrance, he sees what looks like a man nearby.*

"Hello...can I help ya mister"

*The man turns towards Jack, revealing himself to be Mitch Skylark...slowly walking towards Jack.*

"Mitch...is that you mane...I thought you were dead!"

*The man continues to slowly walk towards Jack. As he gets closer his walk becomes more ragged and he looks more sluggish.*

"Mitch you ok mane...here let me help ya"

*Jack runs towards the man to possibly help him walk. Suddenly the man begins to sumble violent, his body twisting in an inhuman way, he lunges at Jack attempting to grab him. This is when Jack realizes that the person standing in front of him is not his friend Mitch...the person in front of him is one of the infected. Jack's emotions change from happiness to sadness to anger in an instance, he takes his pick axe from his back and whacks the creature in its head, the creature falls but Jack continues his assault until the head of the infected is nothing but a stain on the ground.*


*Yelling to the top of his lungs, Jack grabs his hair and falls to his knees*

"I got to get a grip on reality..Mitch is dead...Mitch is dead...."

*Jack curls up into the fetal position repeating "Mitch is dead" rocking on the ground*

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Man, poor Jack. These are fun to read. Short, but sweet. Write moar, i read moar.

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Enjoyed the read, Jack. Just found it a little bit ago, will keep an eye out for more from you. ;)

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