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Short Introduction

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Hi All,

My name is Jeremy, and my application for the whitelist got accepted yesterday. And I've already been playing a few hours. I have some RP experience from the old days when playing Dungeons and Dragons (pen and paper version) and when playing on RP servers for WoW and Neocron.

My in game name is Yirmiyahu 'Light' Mucznik, but just call me Light.

Hoping to be joining some people to group up with. and do some real RP.

And I like the trouble you have to go to, to get on this server.

Some more info about me,

I'm from the Netherlands, 31 years old and working at a Bank as a IT technician.

In my free time I love to play games, make music and do some amateur astrophysics.


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Welcome mate ! Another Dutch guy.

Perhaps we'll run into eachother one day!

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