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Hi There!

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Hello everyone!

I just submitted my whitelist application (fingers crossed!), so I figured the next thing to do is to introduce myself to everyone. I am Anouk, I am a 24 year old student and I live in The Netherlands. I've been playing DayZ for a few hours now, so I'm fairly new to the game itself. But experienced enough to know I don't like being shot in the face whenever I have been spotted by someone else. The game is missing a storyline (and other players to go with it) to make it enjoyable for me. I'm also fairly new to RP, but I am excited to give it a shot (we all have to start somewhere!). I have been playing MMORPGs for a while now, so I do have an idea of what RPing is like. I have got my storyline/background all set and I am more than ready to start playing. :) I hope to see/meet all of you in game!

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Nice to see another person from the Netherlands. (like me) :)

My application got accepted yesterday and have been playing on the server now for a few hours. Did not yet see a lot of people to show my RP skills. Good luck with your application, and maybe see you later in game.

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Hello Zaira! Welcome to the community! :)

if you need any help just ask me or a community helper (orange people)

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Guest DeluxeBandit

Hey there! Welcome to the community! o7 o7

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