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It can't get any worse then in Canada..

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Name: Richard Whirlen

Age: 29

Status: Alive

Before Chernarus

Richard was a janitor at a school, he has been a travel guide in Canada to show people how to survive in bare conditions. He had to quit as he lost his left eye duo to

a fire cracker that bursted way to early and he had a piece of it in his left eye. He only sees about 15% with that eye which makes it harder for him to see depth. He recovered

from his injuries as it happend three years ago. He tried to get back to be a guide but they didn't accept him back so he had to take a new job. He had money issues as he went

out a lot of times and could barely afford the rent. His wife worked most of the times but their marriage didn't go as planned, they had alot of fights constantly and

the love was pretty much gone. They stayed with each other tho'. He was tired and sick of all the issues he had in Canada and promised his wife everything would be better. He said

we should move out of Canada and move to Chernarus. A nice and quiet place that not much people know about. She didn't want to at first but Richard convinced here to come along.

They both moved and they actually were happy for some time. Richard decided to be a lumber man and her wife was about to apply for a new job at the food market.

October 7

Richard was working at the lumber farm as he heard someone was lost in the woods. He decided to go with the search and volunteerd. They were talking

about it most of the day that it'd probably be just a drunk man. They found blood in the woods and they had to call it off after some time. Richard went back to his house

and talked with his wife about it, they laughed and pretty much everything went back to normal. Not knowing the chaos that it'll bring.

October 8

Richard was taking his car to go to his work, he saw a few road blocks around the road he needs to take. He asked a police officer what's going on but he got no answer.

He just kept on moving and did his duty.

`Richard watched the CNBS news later that day and saw the report about an old man. He laughed and said "Just some crazy old redneck wanting to say something and he turned it off.

October 12

His wife came to Richard and said: "Honey, i think we should move" Richard looked up and frowned: "Why would we leave?"? She said:"I don't know, something doesn't feel right

with everything that happend." He laughed: "I bet it can't go worse in Canada, i'm making good money and you're getting a job!" She looked down and slowly nodded.. Alright i guess.

October 21

His wife ran towards Richard, still laying in bed. "RICHARD QUICK GET OUT OF BED".. Richard said: "Why? This is my day off leave me alone". She yelled: Something is wrong, people

are sick and dying.. They're eating each other!" Richard quickly went up and said: "W..what? You serious?" She started crying and screaming: "YES!" Richard quickly jumped out

of his bed grabbing his pants, running towards his shelf, tripping over his shoe: "FUCK!" He quickly gets up and gets dressed, his hair is a mess and he looks like he could use some

sleep. He looked outside his window and saw people running on the streets, breaking stuff outside and yelling. Richard said: "What are they doing!" His wife replied:

"They're rioting!" Richard said alright.. alright we have to get some supplies, we need to put sheets infront of our windows i don't want them to steal everything!.

Lets gather everything we have right now! His wife replied: "Should i go to the store?" Richard yelled: "NO don't leave!". His wife said alright, i'll check our shed for some supplies.

"Richard nodded alright, do it quick". She walked outside the room and Richard ran downstairs to check the suppplies, gathering everything he sees. He hears a loud scream.

Richard quickly rans towards the window facing the barn and he sees a person biting his woman. Richard freezes for a few minuts, staring at his wife laying in the floor. He quickly runs towards

the door and opens it. A moment later he sees her wife standing up slowly, looking into Richard's eyes. Richard would only see emptyness in her eyes, Richard starts to cry as her wife slowly

walks away from the house. He closes the door and quicly runs upstrairs towards his bookshelf.

*Richard walks towards his bookshelf, shaking slightly and quickly looking around for his recorder.. he hits the button and starts to speak in it*

I..i don't know how long this will record or if anyone would ever find this but.. I'm Richard, 29 years old and i live in Chernarus.. I'm still alive for what it's worth.

I live in Chernarus for about three months now, i was trying to move somewhere where no one would ever bother me again. I'm all alone here in this cold house, not knowing

if i will survive the next day.. not knowing when they show up. The only benfit i have is that i'm a good scout god.. i shouldn't have quit that. Would've come in handy.

I..i don't know what to do, i look out of my window and all i see is emptyness, my woman died by one of these things. And it's my fault! I should've never let her go alone

and search for stupid battery's! Why was i so stupid to allow it, it's my fault.. I'm close to just killing myself but i can't. I can't..I'm desperate i really hope

someone will find me one day. Fuck' why do i even bother recording i'm sure no one will ever hear this! Ah well i got nothing else to do i guess and atleast i can hear it back

and don't feel so alone. I''m starting to talk to myself i'm really loosing it. Maybe i should go outside, my food supply is almost drained. One thing about being alone is that

you don't need much food.. *He'd laugh for a brief moment but then bursting out of tears* this isn't alright. I've seen some people walking on the streets but i'm not sure

if i should interact with them. I don't know if i should be more afraid for the zombie's.. or the humans. Oh god i wish i could go back to Canada i don't care about my old job

i'd take all my problems right back in a heartbeat. Money issues, family issues.. God'... It's better then this i..i *A loud car alarm would go off* FUCK WHAT WAS THAT\

Oh god! OH GOD.. I need to be still.. I'll peek out the window real quick. *he'd gasp for air for a moment* it's them, i'm not sure if it seen me.. I think i'll ju

*end of transmittion*

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Nice style of writing

Thanks, first time writing something like this hehe. But i'll make the story longer once the whitelist is open and i can play.

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