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A little help on networking?

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So I have this problem in my school's dormitory. Some of students have network and some dont have it.

And I'm of many fews that doesn't have it, my PC connection says that it's connected to "Network" but not the specific school network it has always been connected to. And says it's "Limited"..at fist I thought it was just my connection or the cable. So I tried many things to fix it, then I found out that many others have the same problem. I tried troubleshooting it, and it says "Couldn't connect to DNS server". So I went to my server administrator in my school, he said that yes, he will check things out, that they had some switches replaced. So, he checked it out, and about half of those who hadn't network, got it. But still, I keep having those problems. What should I say to school's network administrator exactly, to inform him about the problem, so he could fix it?

And also, when I connect to a port, where other student has connection, I keep receiving this "limited" connection.

What seems to be the problem?

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Ensure that you don't have any DNS or IP settings manually set in your network settings. Places with their own networks often regulate these things through DHCP and overriding them will often conflict with network settings.

Other than that, ask your system administrator whether or not they have any kind of "MAC Address Filtering" and if they do ask to check whether or not your MAC address has been blacklisted.

If they don't have a clue what you're talking about or they refuse to check, try changing your MAC address (be careful doing this and make sure you read up on it first).

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