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My background story (once i get started)

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I was 16 when this happened. It all started while I was sleeping in my 6th period class. There was an announcement on the speakers, it was the principle, he was saying that we had to evacuate immediately, I wasnt sure why but he sounded worried. We heard gunshots coming from outside the school, helicopters buzzing around. Everyone rushed outside of the buildings. They told us to go to the football field, I knew that if I did I would have died. I quickly hopped over an isolated fence in my school and ran straight home. the front door was open when I got to my home. It was a mess, there was blood on the walls and everything was knocked over. My mom apparently opened the door when she heard someone knock on the door. I assume it was one of those undead banging their head on the door. Everything was so clear, seeing my mom, eaten, dead on the floor. Emotions ran through me but I didnt know how to express it. I assume my whole family is dead, i havent had contact with any of them since it started. I was only 16. Why did this happen to me! Why now! I-I had so much to live for... but now... now I live my days and nights trying to survive from this hell. How I am still alive shocks me. One whole year I have survived. Did you know I spent my 17th birthday alone? Too many times have I felt lonely, empty, and bitter inside, too many times have I wanted to kill myself. But i cant. I will keep going, keep surviving, not just for me, but for the ones who couldn't and for my family. Mom, Dad.... I miss you.[/size][/font]

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