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Terry Longbow

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Afar from what the namesake would suggest Terry Longbow never so much as touched an bow till the start of this ravishing mind altering infection that has spread to nearly 90% populace of Chernarus.

Terry, an accountant with Quest-Bird International, was on a flight home when 'it' happened. As soon as the aircraft landed there was a sense of fear among the flight crew. Yet, and to his surprise, no one bothered to mention the slew of new reports of people being killed by other people in the streets. Not unusual for the culture, but it is when the killers seemed unresponsive to normal interactions. As if they were high on drugs or other mind altering substances. None the less the first eighteen hours would be the last Terry Longbow would ever know of the world he thought he knew...


To date info:

Human contacts: 3

Humans killed: 2

Zeds Killed: 8

Health: 90%

Morale: 10%

Chapters in draft:

"All the King's Horses" Escape from the redzone

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