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The Butch Westgate Letters

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I'm writing this letter, because.... actually I have no clue why i'm writing these letters, or more similarly journals I guess, but fuck it, i'm doing this. Okay well this land, as I have found it to be is a paradise for some, a shit hole for others. When I think of life here, I think of all the rain constantly pouring down on my fucking head, as I travel from place to place in search for a place I can really call home.

If anyone finds any of my letters, if I drop them or anything, they won't be able to find me. I'm going off the grid, it's going to be the best for me, it's, it's the only way to prevent this world from getting me to be subjugated to the horrors, that I have seen.

Well that's a pretty good letter, wait fuck I just wrote this sentence down well, whatever.

Time to close this letter.

-Signed Butch Westgate

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