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Guest dtcolebrooke

Hello world Barry Beans

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Guest dtcolebrooke

Barry Beans a farmer, always loved mama. Never was very smart, but can sure cook and grow the healthiest plants. Very passive all he needs is a hoe to carry on his business. His father was a ex-boxer and became a priest. Barry was never into any of the stuff his father always preached to him but he can sure put up a fight. Favorite food? Bananas. Barry's family, the beans, got their name from what they are founded on, growing beans. You can always rely on him to be carrying some beans or bananas.

Barry doesn't understand why the sick people always attack him, so he stores them in a house and brings beans to the ill attackers hoping to keep them alive, till the doctors and find a cure.

Good things happen to good guys, that's what mama always said.

sidenote: Hey guys just joined don't know much about RP but i have been on some public servers, worst part of it was rdm every 20 seconds, hope this changes.

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